Wallet Phone Cases vs. Back Phone Cases

Dropping your phone inadvertently is something inevitable. Even if no visible damage happens to your phone, after a couple of drops, its body will eventually crack and the screen will shatter after dropping it multiple times, requiring an expensive replacement or repair.

Hence, it makes a lot of sense to keep your phone protected with a top-of-the-range case to ensure that your phone has the best chance of surviving an “inadvertent” fall. However, when considering the top-of-the-range case for your phone, you’re likely to find yourself stuck between choosing either a wallet phone case or the regular back phone case. 

While both cases are good, one will make a better fit for your style, aesthetics, functional needs, and most importantly, the phone’s safety. So, wallet phone cases vs. back phone cases? Which one serves your phone better? Here’s a brief and straightforward guide on choosing the right phone case between the two types:

Wallet Phone Case Pros 

  • A wallet case packs and covers smartphone from all dimensions
  • Most wallet cases feature a stand that enables your phone to stand all by itself on a surface while you enjoy watching movies or videos
  • Protects your phone from dust and moisture
  • Offers additional screen protection by protecting your phone’s screen from scratches and bumps
  • Are made of different quality materials that add aesthetic to your look
  • Serve other purposes like storing ID, credit/debit cards, and so on

Wallet Phone Case Cons

  • A wallet phone case adds weight and bulk to your phone
  • If you prefer everything simple, checking your phone often, or always get busy with your phone, you may find flipping the wallet either unmanageable or time-consuming
  • Sometimes, the wallet flip may interfere with your phone’s proximity sensor
  • If your phone gets hot a lot, a wallet case will make your phone get even hotter
  • Some wallet cases aren’t designed to cover the edges of the smartphone, so your smartphone edges may get damaged from any drop

Back Phone Case Pros

  • Are highly durable
  • Offer a tight-fitting and a firm grip
  • Less weight and bulk than a wallet case
  • Cheaper than a wallet case
  • All back phone cases offer protection to phone edges
  • A back phone case doesn’t interrupt proximity sensors

Back Phone Case Cons

  • It offers no protection for the display screen. A screen protector is, therefore, required
  • It offers no protection for the frontal part

Should You Choose a Wallet Phone Case or Back Phone Case?

From the pros and cons above, you can see that a wallet phone case offers more protection and safety for your phone’s surface than a back phone case. This ensures that your phone has a greater chance of not being affected or damaged when dropped, or from dust and moisture.

Though wallet phone cases offer more protection and safety and come in several designs and colour palettes, they are not as highly customizable as a back phone case and do not offer as much range of designs and options. More so, a back phone case offers a sturdier phone case and a thinner profile.


We discussed wallet cases vs. back cases in detail above so you can choose either of the two according to your need and demand. If style and design are your priorities, choose the back phone case but if phone protection and safety are what you prefer, opt-in for a wallet phone case.

Once you’ve made up your mind on the type of phone case that best suits you, check out our online store for a wide collection of premium covers.

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