Apple iPhone 13 Might Come with Reverse Wireless Charging

Although reverse wireless charging has been rumoured to be part of Apple’s line-up for iPhone 11 and then iPhone 12, this feature seems to be finally making its first significant appearance in the iPhone 13.

A new video released by EverythingApplePro – citing Max Weinbach – on YouTube suggests that Apple iPhone 13 may likely come with a slightly bigger wireless charging coil, improving heat dissipation and promoting speedy wireless charging. The wireless charging coil may, in turn, make reverse wireless charging possible on an iPhone for the first time.

According to the rumour, Apple was expected to have offered its reverse wireless charging feature since 2017 during the days of the iPhone 11. However, this didn’t come to fruition. The same feature was rumoured to be introduced in the iPhone 12 but this again didn’t materialize. Now the same rumour is back for Apple’s iPhone 13 with much anticipation that this will be successful this time around.

The inclusion of reverse wireless charging would make it possible for iPhone 13 users to use their devices to charge other wireless charging devices like AirPods Pro and other Qi-compatible devices – and possibly other iPhones and even Android devices. Though this claim should still be treated with a degree of scepticism.

While Google has included this feature in Android devices for some years now, Apple has been reluctant to introduce the same feature in its iPhones for some reasons best known to the company. Although reverse wireless charging may be slower and generate excessive heat, its ability to charge AirPods and other earbuds is one of its major benefits. 

If the recent rumour on reverse wireless charging is true, then Tim Cook is expected to officially announce its inclusion in iPhone 13 in September of this year. This feature would make iPhone 13 the best iPhone that Apple has ever made. 

Though we are already expecting an upgraded battery and improved displays and cameras in the iPhone 13, would reverse wireless charging also be among these amazing features? Well, we won’t have to wait too long before we find out.

The battery specifications, as shared by the leaker @L0vetodream, revealed that the iPhone 13 Mini would come with a 2,406mAh battery, the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro would come with a 3,095mAh battery, and the iPhone 13 Pro Max would come with a 4,325mAh battery.

Aside from the reversed wireless charging, another iPhone 13 rumour that we’ve stumbled upon is the increased refresh rate. Though the 120Hz refresh rate was rumoured in the iPhone 12, this didn’t come out a success as the iPhone 12 featured the same 60Hz refresh rate as the iPhone 11.

However, iPhone 13 may be the device for the 120Hz screen refresh rate, which will promote a faster and smoother scrolling experience. Most notable Apple’s competitors, such as the Galaxy S21 and OnePlus 8T, already feature the 120Hz screen refresh rate, so there is a high likelihood that Apple would head in the same direction for iPhone 13.

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