Best News Apps in Australia

Australia suffered a devastating incident recently that prompted everybody to always keep updated with current affairs. As a result, every citizen should install an Australian news app on their mobile device now more than ever so as to always be informed of the latest situation in the area near them. 

However, to stay informed on the current happenings in Australia, you don’t need to install every single news outlet’s app – this would only be overwhelming to both you and your mobile device. Instead, simply install a great news aggregator app to make things easier. 

News aggregator apps collate news articles from different sources so that all news won’t come from a local news station. This post presents a list of the best news apps in Australia. These news apps are news aggregator apps and offer a wide range of news content to users – tech, religion, business insiders, global news, stories, and so on. 

Here is a list of the best news apps in Australia:

  • 9NEWS: This is a news app created by Nine Network Australia Pty Ltd. The app comes in both Android and iOS versions. It gives users unlimited access to a wide collection of the latest news in Australia collated by a trusted team of journalists. The app comes with a friendly and easy-to-use interface and allows users to customize alerts.
  • ABC NEWS: ABC NEWS is the official mobile app of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. This app provides users with the latest Australian news stories. It enables users to first see news headlines that they may be interested in.
  • The Australian: This app is specially made by NDM to optimize navigation, share stories, and allow users to access the best and up-to-date Australian news. Users can use the app both online and offline. Aside from news content, “The Australian” also has quizzes, puzzles, and games.
  • Australian News: Local & World Headlines: This Australian news app is free but includes some in-app purchases. It offers users the latest and most important news within Australia and around the world. If you want to keep yourself informed about the latest news within the country and the entire world, this app is a very useful tool.
  • Australia Newspapers: This is an app made by AppCode Co. It contains news and content from lots of Australian newspapers. From this app, you can quickly access all the trending and hot news articles in Australia. The app also offers options for bookmarking and searching.
  • Australian News: “Australian News” is made by Media Zclouds and provides a wide range of news articles and videos of the latest happenings in Australia. It contains both local and world news from only the most trusted Australian news networks.
  • Breaking News Today: Though not mainly an Australian news app, “Breaking News Today” provides breaking and up-to-date news collated from various countries. It is made by Safe Apps LLC. It collates news resources from trusted news sources like Fox News, NBC, CNN, and so on.


Are you looking for a dedicated news app in Australia to give you updates from your regional newspapers and news stations? Then go ahead and download any of the news apps listed above. These apps will give you news stories from within Australia and around the world, covering topics like politics, tech, science, finance, entertainment, and so on.

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