Benefits of Using a Phone Holder While Driving Your Car

With the driving wheel in one hand and attempting to pick up a call with another, is an utterly dangerous attempt and not to mention, against the traffic regulations. Then, why is it so important to be aware of your cell phone activity despite all the danger?

Nowadays a smartphone dominates human’s life by making it easier and organised because of the numerous benefits it provides with just a touch of a hand: calls, messages, browsing, GPS, etc. 

However, while driving your main focus should be on the road which is where a phone holder comes to the rescue. It holds the mobile phone in a fixed place which can make it handy to use while focusing on the road and the new voice recognition feature is an additional advantage which means you never have to move your eyes off the road or take your hands off the wheel. 

The benefits of using a phone holder in your car:

  1. Safety

Several road accidents occur because of the driver’s distraction from their cell phone. Having a phone holder would save you the trouble of digging around searching for your mobile phone or any dangerous activity that could make you take your eyes off the road. You would know where your phone is and you could easily operate it without taking your eyes off the road. 

  1. Secures the phone

Cell phones are known to slide under the seat, often damaging their body or screen, and you looking for it is an even riskier action. A phone holder secures it preventing any damages, costly repairs or the need to purchase a new one. 

  1. Attend calls easily

By placing the phone on the holder and speaker mode, the drivers no longer need to place the phone on the ear which compromises one hand from the wheel. 

  1. Use the GPS

A phone holder is an absolute necessity for people who are frequent users of the GPS for navigation while driving. You can adjust your routes and keep a track of your journey. There will be no need to pick up your phone repeatedly to confirm the correct route. It becomes hassle-free to find your destination when your GPS is right in front of you. 

  1. Music Access

People all around the world love listening to music while driving and for that matter, a phone holder is the most viable investment. All you need to do is place the phone in the holder, pair it up with the Bluetooth of the car and in an instant listen to your favourite song or switch from one to the other with just a touch. In certain vehicles, the new feature is you can shuffle through the music by the buttons on your steering wheel. 

  1. Charge your phone

Many varieties of phone holders also act as chargers for your phone. When leaving in a rush and you forgot to charge your phone, the phone holder is your backup. 

If you want to opt for safe driving without any hassle, a mobile phone holder is just the thing you need for your car. It will keep you safe along with others on the road as well as your mobile phone.

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