Apparently, Your Phone’s ‘Night Mode’ Option Is Not Good for You

Night mode is meant to reduce the emission of the Blue light from your phone, which can strain your eyes. But did you know that the night mode may do you more harm than good? If not, read on to find out more.

When the night mode option was released into the mobile world, it was received with a warm embrace and soon became quite popular because of its advantages. 

One of the most important advantages of the night mode is the decrease in battery consumption in both AMOLED and OLED screens. The night mode also lessens the emission of the detrimental Blue light from your phone, thereby reducing the pressure on your eyes.

However, despite its numerous advantages, the night mode also has some downsides. One of these downsides is its negative impact on sleep. While light mode emits Blue light, night mode emits Yellow light.

A recent study was conducted “on mice” to determine the impact of Blue or Yellow light on sleep habits. The study revealed that the Yellow light that is emitted from a phone in night mode might be worse than the Blue light from the light mode in impacting sleep negatively. This is because Yellow light imitates daylight more closely whereas Blue light imitates sunset. 

This study was conducted on mice and more studies must be conducted, especially on humans, before there can be sufficient convincing evidence to prove that night mode has a damaging effect on sleep patterns. However, if you find it hard to enjoy sound sleep and you think that your phone’s night mode is the culprit, here are a few things you can do:

Learn When to Put Down Your Phone

Ideally, you should set a time to put down your phone each night and forget about it until the morning. Irrespective of which colour of light your phone emits, the longer you stare at your phone’s screen, the more you get enticed by some apps or activities on your phone, and the later you stay up awake.

Get Rid or Reduce the Yellow Light

Most phones can be set to automatically change the display colour from sunrise to sunset. Try to adjust the Yellow light or turn off the daylight setting on your phone.

For iPhones, navigate to “Settings,” move to “Display & Brightness,” then Night Shift. From there, you can adjust the colour temperature or turn off the schedule.

Android users should be able to turn off night mode from the notification shade. You can also find it by navigating to “Settings,” to “Display,” and then to “Night Light.”

Other Drawbacks of Night Mode

Night mode causes less light to enter your eyes. This will cause your pupils to be dilated, leading to strain on your eyes while reading and the formation of a blurring image.


The previous study also stated that White light has a similar impact on our sleeping habits as Yellow light. Hence, you should learn to use your phone’s night mode when you’re winding down for the day.

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