Latest Android 12 Updates

We are excited about the latest updates and developments in Android 12. The 12th major iteration of the Google mobile operating system was recently unveiled with many updates by Google itself at Google I/O 2021 event. This is the 1st Android 12 public beta to be released.

With the latest Android 12 updates, you can install it on your gadget right away if you own a current Google Pixel. 

Keep reading to learn more about some of the latest Android 12 updates.

The Latest Android 12 Quick Tiles

Photo: Unsplash

If you own an Android device you should be familiar with the round icons at the top of the panel by the time you pull the notification bar down.  Well, those round icons are no longer available in Android 12. These have now been replaced with rounded rectangles. 

They work just like previous Quick Tiles (you turn them off or on with a tap while a long-press lands you on the settings page). With the new update, they are larger and can show additional information.

Notification System Improvements

The notification system of Android 12 will be remodelled to improve functionality, usability, and aesthetics. Developers will be prompted by Android 12 to ditch the third-party broadcast services or receivers (trampolines) — that rebound users back from the notification to the app.

Google wishes and expects the notification taps will move users straight to the app in Android 12. Also, the company is delaying the showing of some forefront service notifications by 10 seconds. This gives short tasks a short window to finish before pinging users.

Colour Extraction and Visual Overhaul 

It was confirmed at Google I/O 2021 that the Android 12 design will be its largest visual update in years. The improvement is among the next iteration of its design language, referred to as the Material You. With this feature, users will influence the design.

The OS will make use of a colour extraction procedure to raise the design element from your mounted wallpaper as far as Android 12 is concerned. In other words, colours across the entire system will change based on your lock/home screen background. This allows for an automatic and easy way for your phone to look exceptional to you.

Photo: Unsplash

App Hibernation

The App Hibernation aka expanded Unused apps is a feature that plays a fundamental role in the way Android 12 manages the footprint of the apps. App Hibernation is already added in the AOSP (Android Open Source Project), and Google has now confirmed that it is coming our way.

The purpose of this feature is to strip any app not used of its permissions and wipe off the temporary cache and files claimed by that app. Furthermore, it may limit notifications for these apps. A toggle in the App will make it available to Android users.

The New Emojis

Android 12 will feature new Emojis and will include more than 389 updates to Emoji designs. Some of the Android 12 emoji modifications are slight ones, frequently channelled toward adding depth or practicality. 

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