8 Best AirTag Tips and Tricks You Should Know

AirTag is a handy tool that gives its users the maximum protection and security they need. With AirTag, evil-doers will be unable to track your location. It is also used for item tracking and hassle-free connection.

However, here are some of the finest AirTag tricks and tips for the effective use of this small accessory. Keep reading to learn our 8 best AirTag tricks and tips.

1. Locate a Misplaced AirTag with Precision Finding 

Do you have any of the iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 models that feature the U1 chip? It’s time to take advantage of Precision Finding. With this handy feature, you can determine the direction and distance of your misplaced AirTag. 

Photo: Unsplash

2. Check the Battery Life of Your AirTag

AirTag features a user-changeable battery. The battery life will depend on how the item tracker is used. Therefore, keeping track of the battery life of the device is recommended.

  • Open the Find My app.
  • Open the Items tab.
  • Select the particular AirTag you are interested in.
  • The battery icon shows you the battery level.

3. Give a Sound to AirTag for Easy Location

You can play a sound on the item tracker to find your lost AirTag. Nevertheless, your lost AirTag must be nearby to be easier to locate. 

  • Go to Find My app and tap Items.
  • Tap the AirTag that you want to play a sound.
  • Tap Play Sound.
Photo: Unsplash

4. Put Your AirTag in Lost Mode

The Precision Finding and Bluetooth features make it easy to find the item tracker on iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 models when the Air-Tag is near.  However, you have to depend on the Find My Network to locate your misplaced AirTag when the item tracker is out of range.

5. Factory Reset Your Apple AirTag

Your AirTag will link to your Apple ID automatically when you set it up with your iPhone. For this reason, you must factory reset the item tracker before selling or giving it out to someone. Interestingly, the AirTag resetting is simple when you are within the Bluetooth range.

6. Stop People from Stalking You Using AirTag

There is an integrated safety feature on Apple AirTag. It prevents using the item tracker to track your location. As a result, nobody can add an AirTag to your accessories to keep track of your location without your consent. You will be alerted with a warning message of any AirTag that is not your own, once detected by your iOS device.

7. Turn AirTag Safety Alert Off

Taking note of security, iOS 13 allows only its owner to use the Find My application to track AirTag. On the other hand, it comes with a stalking-protection function. This is the feature which alerts you should any unfamiliar AirTag would like to keep you company. It tells you that the owner of the device can detect your location.

It is also possible for you to share the AirTag-tracked goods with your friend or member of your family. With iOS, you can pause the security alarms so that the iPad or iPhone of your loved ones won’t find the device as unwanted.

8. Change the Battery of Your AirTag

Replacing your AirTag battery is as simple as possible. Consequently, you can change with ease any running low on power AirTag battery. The battery in the Apple AirTag can be bought in any Apple store.

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