Google Photos No Longer Offers Unlimited Free Storage: Check out the Alternatives

Google had announced in November 2020 that it would be ending its unlimited free storage policy of the photos and videos. From June 1st 2021, any new photos or videos would be counted towards the storage-15 GB that comes free with your Google account. To ease the readers’ minds, the previously uploaded data would not be affected nor would it be included in the free storage. 

Google One 

The actual reason for abolishing the free storage appears to be that Google is encouraging its customers to opt for its storage subscription service of Google One. It gives you a reasonable option at a reasonable price starting its plans from 2.58 AUD/month for 100 GB storage. Alongside it gives its customers incentives, like the Google Store discount. 

Google photos offer you several features like creating automatic slideshows, movies or free up memory. However, if these features are still not enough for the users and are thinking of switching from Google Photos as your backup, you might want to consider some alternatives.
Here are some options for you:

Microsoft OneDrive

As the name suggests, Microsoft OneDrive is hosted by Microsoft and has been proven so far as the best alternative to match Google Photos. OneDrive offers 5 GB of free storage and then its plans start from 2.58 AUD/month. Amazingly, it also gives economical family plans of 1 TB of storage for up to 6 members of the family for only 127.74 AUS annually. OneDrive easily uploads the photos from your phone to the backup storage. An added benefit is that since OneDrive is connected with your computer Windows, it synchronizes the pictures there as well.  

Photo: Joy Taylor


For Apple users, iCloud is the best solution. It starts with 5 GB of free storage for photos synchronized all across connected devices. Its plans start from 1.28 AUD/month for 50 GB. It is an ideal package with a wide range of features including diverse editing tools, but only if you are a complete Apple user; it does not work for Windows or Androids. 

Amazon Photos

Amazon Photos gives you unlimited storage for your entire gallery and that too, at their original size and resolution. However, this benefit only comes if you are already an Amazon Prime member. Videos are not favoured though as only 5GB of videos can be stored in the free storage and anything more than that needs to be purchased. It could be the solution for those who do not take many videos. Amazon is user friendly, which gives a time limit to their users to store their photos elsewhere in case you stop paying for the Prime service.


Flickr had a lot of ownership transfers but has been stable for a while. It offers its users a very reasonable deal of 77.40 AUD/year to upload an unlimited number of photos, however, for videos, there is a catch. They are limited to 10 minutes maximum. Today, in the era of capturing short clips, it can be the most favoured among casual users. 


When looking for alternatives to Google Photos, all of them have their pros and cons but none of them offers the most precious feature of unlimited storage as was previously done by Google Photos. It is still known to be one of the most trusted and reliable platforms to backup your photos.

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