Focus on iOS 15: What are the Updates?

The iOS 15 is the latest version of the iOS operating system that runs on the iPad and iPhone. iOS 15‌ unveiled by Apple is a major update that introduces many important new features worth consideration.

Apple refines and updates iOS 15 with powerful features that will help users to explore, focus, and stay connected. Furthermore, they can do more with the on-device intelligence.

With a focus on iOS 15, here are the updates.

Temporary Storage on iCloud when transferring data

With this new feature and update, users will be provided with Temporary iCloud storage whenever they are transferring data. This feature is excellent, particularly for people not spending on storage on iCloud. 

Apple declared that users that buy a new phone can use the Backup function of iCloud to transfer their data to their new phone, even with their low storage. Users will be supplied with as much storage as required for this short term backup. This offer is free and applicable for about 3 weeks.

This will enable users to automatically get all data, settings and apps onto their new device.

Apple Won’t Compel Upgrades with iOS 15

This is an interesting and welcoming aspect of these updates. Apple will only make it a matter of choice to upgrade or not to. At present, iOS 15 supports devices founded in 2015, which is the iPhone 6s series, but with this new update, Apple is giving more flexibility to users.

Photo: Unsplash/Szabo Viktor

Default Authenticator

This new update and feature to iOS 15 will create some issues for 3rd party authenticator apps like Google Authenticator. With this new development, Apple states that users can create verification codes needed for added sign-in safety on sites that offer 2FA (2-factor authentication).

With the addition of this feature to iOS15, it will no longer be necessary to download an extra app. Once installed, verification codes auto-fill when a user logs in to the website.

Drag & Drop

The drag & drop option is now available throughout apps in iOS 15. Therefore, you can open as well as pick up a file, a photo, or a document from one application and drag it into another.

Digital Legacy Program

The Digital Legacy Program is another update in iOS 15. With this update Apple allows users to assign or delegate people as Legacy Contacts. Those assigned can access your personal information and account in the event you pass away.

HTTPS Upgrade on Safari

This is a new feature that will improve security even as Safari is getting a total redesign with macOS Monterey and iOS 15. With this upgrade, Safari will now automatically upgrade sites known to support HTTPS from insecure HTTP.

Account Recovery Contacts

With this indispensable feature and upgrade to iOS 15, users can include one or more trusted contacts or family members to be an A/C Recovery Contact.  Also, the account recovery URL can be sent to those contacts to regain access when you lose access to your Apple ID account.

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