Top Apple Announcements at WWDC 2021

The World Wide Development Conference abbreviated as WWDC organized by Apple took place recently. Some of the top announcements at WWDC 2021 were regarding iPadOS, iOS 15, macOS Monterey, WatchOS 8, and lots more.

The WWDC 2021 keynote was power-packed and eventful as it revealed some of Apple’s new software developments.

Discussed here are the top Apple announcements at WWDC 2021.

Messages Overhaul

The Messages feature is the default messaging app of Apple. It was revealed in the announcement that it will be experiencing enormous refurbishment in how it organizes conversations.

The first overhauling Messages will group all items shared with a user in the newly created Shared with You section. With the new development, media shared in messages and pictures will be grouped. Also, Messages will gather many photos into stacks or collages, depending on the number shared at a time.

This new update to Messages will make it show in the Photos app automatically, which will support search by location and subject.

Photo: Apple


There are many features announced for FaceTime by Apple to make virtual meetings meaningful and pleasant.  

The SharePlay feature will allow a user to share their media with other participants at the conference and expands on the capabilities of the app. Once enabled, SharePlay will allow its users to share their media from video streaming apps. Apple SharePlay will enable FaceTime participants to watch a similar movie to imitate a virtual theatre experience. It will first work with Apple Music, Apple TV, and partners.

Developers can enable collaborative functions such as editing and drawing through the SharePlay API, in addition to merely sharing media.

The Apple Privacy Enhancements

Also, Apple has strengthened privacy further than its iCloud+ privacy features. The big one is the Mail Privacy Protection. The Mail app can hide the IP address of a user once activated. 

This will prevent the sender from presuming the location of the recipient. Mail Privacy Protection will also thwart the monitoring of the user. With the Privacy Enhancements feature, Privacy Report will list the way apps access sensitive sensors.

iCloud+ Private Relay and Hide My Email

Photo: Apple

The WWDC 2021 also added that iCloud will obtain iCloud+. It is a premium subscription tier with email features and enhanced privacy.

iCloud+ will bring a Private Relay for users looking to better mask their Internet presence. Additionally, iCloud+ brings custom email domains and Hide My Email (two big email features).

Apple FaceTime 

The Apple FaceTime in Android and Windows is an Apple exclusive while nearly all teleconferencing apps support several platforms and operating systems. FaceTime worked on Macs and iPhones, never found anywhere else. 

However, with the upcoming macOS, iPad OS, and iOS releases, that is no longer the case. Users on Windows and Android can join FaceTime calls through their browser with them.

If the Apple announcements at WWDC 2021 are to be reckoned with, these features will launch with iPad OS 15, iOS 15, and macOS this fall.

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