Which Apps Are Draining Your Phone Battery The Most?

When your phone battery is draining, it is either your excessive use of it or some battery-draining apps that might be the real culprits for it. You should know that as much as you enjoy using a load of apps, some of your favourite and most used apps are the biggest battery drainers. 

To avoid draining the battery or the need to carry a battery bank with you wherever you go, you should cut down the usage of a few apps and stop them from running in the background too because running services in the background keep your phone busy resulting in battery loss. When tried, it is an effective battery saving technique. 

Let’s have a look at some of the most renowned and widely used apps for smartphone users and establish the fact that they are the major contributors to your rapidly draining battery.

Photo: Unsplash/Alexander Andrews


Facebook has been one of the largest social networking apps among middle-aged and older users. It is known to consume a huge amount of your cell phone battery. Facebook runs in the background constantly updating you through its notifications, any updates, its synchronization of contacts and messages. This seems like a lot but every problem has a solution.

What you can do is turn off the notifications from inside the app which would save half the battery consumed for notifications. By restricting its allowance for background data and battery usage you could save yourself some hassle.


Open your Snapchat account for taking snaps and poof! Your battery drains in minutes. Snapchat is known to be the most battery-draining app you can install on your smartphone. Along with the notifications which drain the battery, the real-time location service on this app could also be the reason it uses a lot of battery in the background. Fortunately, you can always turn it off and manage the notification service if you are mindful of the fact that your battery life is important.  


Since Messenger is associated with Facebook, it is named in the list to be a battery-draining app as well. It keeps running the background and synchronizes the contacts. The worst part is that if you are a Facebook user, you cannot inbox someone without having Messenger installed as well. Both these apps not only prey on your battery but also your storage.


Netflix being on your smartphone is the most convenient app one can get to watch series and movies anytime, anywhere you want. Unfortunately, it sucks the battery life like any other app when there is excessive screen time. On the other hand, it does not drain your battery in the background because it is not fully running.

Photo: Unsplash/Sara Kurfeß


Everyone’s favourite YouTube is the app many people spend much time streaming through videos one after the other. It consumes a lot of your battery life when using it excessively. It constantly notifies you, especially regarding your channel subscriptions. You can always limit YouTube screen time and turn the notifications off for the channels to save your battery.

These battery-draining apps can be stopped from sucking up your battery life by preventing excessive use of them and turning them off in the background. If you don’t see the need to get notified about everything all the time, this could be your best solution. It might also help if you have a handy wireless charger on your desk so when you are not using your phone or even when you are, your phone battery can be charging without the wires getting in the way.

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