Exclusive Google Pixel 6 News – Release Date and Specs

Although we didn’t find anything about Google’s Pixel 6 at Google IO 2021, based on Google’s flagship trends and rumours from authenticated sources we can assume Google to surprise us once again. It is expected Pixel 6 to come out by the end of the year, in November.

Google’s Pixel 6 is the first phone to have Android 12 before Google offers it to other users. There are a lot of things that people are looking forward to in Pixel 6 but Android 12 is what fans are desperately waiting for.

Some changes Android 12 will bring

  • The snooze options are right in the notifications, making them more approachable.
  • The media player is a little smaller making it easier to use both in a home and lock screen.
  • There is a reduced bright colours option in the accessibility settings.
  • Safety and Emergency setting have been moved to the main settings.
  • You could dial 911 with 5 taps of the power button.
  • A one-handed mode called silky home, just like Samsung’s One UI.

New features

  • Supports vibrations with audio effect.
  • Changing gesture control to make it easier to i=use Google photos.
  • Two application opened together.
  • The screenshot editor got some changes and can now be easily flicked away like any notification.
  • Opening an app through a notification is much faster.
  • Better support for multi-channel audio, now it is 24 from 8.

To sum it up these were some major things happening in Android 12. Google had focused much more on user-facing parts rather than on security and privacy like previous versions.

Now let us look at some other features of Pixel 6:


  • Pixel 6 will probably have a rear camera with dual-lens.
  • While Pixel 6 Pro will have a triple-lens camera.
  • The main camera will have 50MP.
  • Pixel 6 front side camera will have a 4K video record function.
  • And it might be an under-display camera as Google does like to experiment but can’t be sure.


  • The Pro version will have a 5000 mAh.
  • It might support wireless charging.
(Photo: OnLeaks/Digit)


  • We could expect colours such as peach, pink and sand on this one.
  • It will have a curved display.
  • The punch hole front camera will be central.
  • The bezels will be thin.


  • Sources tell us about a fingerprint scanner in-screen, and glass made backside.
  • The Pixel 6 may use an in-house chipset.
  •  Pixel 6 could have UWB; a short-range communications function that lets devices talk to each other if they’re nearby.

The Price

The pricing strategy of Pixel flagships is difficult to guess as Pixel 4 and Pixel 3 were more on the pricey side but Pixel 5 was more of a budget-friendly phone. So we’d guess it to be somewhat AUS $1000.

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