Google I/O – What was Announced at Google’s latest Event

Google I/O was held virtually this year from May, 18 to May, 20. It is one of Google’s biggest events, that focuses on both company and product-related news. Let us dive into the main things announced in this event.

Android 12

  • It will contain Material You, which is an advanced version of material but has some notable changes.
  • It comes with modern colour palettes.
  • Includes new animations that float together.
  • System colours will change in accordance with your wallpaper.
  • Widgets have been updated to make them look more modern.

Wear OS 

  • Now called “Wear”.
  • Merged with Samsung’s Tizen OS.
  • Hence battery life improvements.
  • 30 % times faster loading times.

Google Photos

  • Will now be using two still images and its artificial intelligence software to create a very neat animation.
  • Will enable password protection for selected photos that will not be shown when scrolling through the app.
  • Google Photos ended its free unlimited storage on June 1st 2021, therefore you will have to buy extra space if 15GB isn’t enough.

Password Manager

  • A new feature where we will be able to change a password for a website right from inside the password manager itself, thus saving us the hustle of going through the websites to do this.

Car Unlocking

  • Selected Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones will be able to work as digital car keys to unlock selected vehicles.
  • Currently only BMW might work with this feature before other car manufacturers implement it.

Project Starline

  • A video booth that uses depth sensors and high-res cameras to make a real-time 3D model of any person that is sitting across from you even when they are not actually there, hence avoiding the awkward eye contact that a typical video call has.
  • It is as if the person you are talking to is right in front of you.
  • Surely it will require very special hardware to pull it off but still, it is something innovational.


  • It stands for ai language model for dialogue applications.
  • It is designed to converse on any topic.
  • It learns new concepts based on trainee data.
  • Natural open-ended conversions that never take the same path twice and is never-ending.

Google Maps

  • Maps will be more informative.
  • It will provide various landmarks.
  • Look at restaurants at different time of the day.
  • Option to show how busy a specific area of town is.

Health Tool

  • Lets you take a photo of a skin issue you are having and it will use artificial intelligence to help identify the skin condition and offer various information and condition.

Google Workspace Integrations

  • Now you can @ mention not just people but files, Docs and Meets.
  • Pageless Docs, so easier to work with wider tables or large images.
  • Add emoji reactions to Docs.
  • Assistant writing feature that will offer more inclusive language recommendations.
  • Work with Google Meet directly from Docs.

Lots of interesting announcements from Google, some better than others. What is your favourite update? Let us know.

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