The Latest iPhone 13 Rumours

The greatly anticipated iPhone 13 is set to be launched later in September 2021. We believe that the latest flagship series will come with lots of improvements and tech surprises. Do you have any idea what can we expect from the new Apple device? Well, here are all of the latest rumours that we’ve heard about the iPhone 13 so far.

Till now, Apple has not yet revealed the naming schemes of the 2021 iPhone, so we will simply refer to the future iPhone as the “iPhone 13” although Apple may choose to give it a different final name like naming it the “iPhone 12S,” “iPhone 12SE,” or “iPhone 12SE Plus.”

At a glance, rumours suggest that iPhone 13 would be similar to the iPhone 12 line-up – coming in four different sizes. It will feature a faster A15 Bionic Chip, camera improvements (potential four-camera array + LiDAR), no ports,120Hz ProMotion display, under-display Touch ID, smaller notch, and 5G network.

Photo: Christian Pérez

Rumoured Features of the “iPhone 13”

Release Date

If Apple maintains its pattern for previous launches, then the iPhone 13 is expected to hit the market on the 24th of September 2021. Though the iPhone 12’s launch was pushed to the 13th of October 2020, Ming-Chi Kuo, the well-known Apple analyst, says that Apple may return to its normal release schedule in 2021.


Several rumours maintain that the iPhone 13 would come in four different sizes – a 5.4in iPhone 13 mini, a 6.1in. iPhone 13, a 6.1in iPhone 13 Pro, and a 6.7in. iPhone 13 Pro Max – just as the iPhone 12 line-ups. Since the iPhone 12 mini didn’t sell well, rumours have it that Apple might later drop the production of the iPhone 13 mini.


As for the cost of the iPhone 13, it is expected that the prices would be within the range of the iPhone 12, and be $699, $799, $999, and $1,099 respectively. From careful observations, Apple tends to keep the price of each new iPhone relatively close to the price of the preceding iPhone.


A questionable image shared by choco_bit on Twitter showed that the iPhone 13 would have 4 cameras plus LiDAR. However, other leakers have different camera images. Some leaked dummy models showed a three-camera system with larger lenses than the present model.

Photo: Brandon Romanchuk

Cables and Connectors 

Apple’s long-time goal is to have an iPhone without external ports or buttons for a well-streamlined and clean device. There were already rumours suggesting that Apple would ditch the Lightning port for a portless iPhone 13, however, it seems like that isn’t going to happen soon.

Bloomberg stated that Apple may remove the Lightning port on some iPhone models in favour of wireless charging, but Kuo recently mentioned that Apple will continue to use a Lightning connector in iPhone 13.

Charging a portless iPhone 13 would require Qi-based wireless charging and MagSafe accessories. But Kuo mentioned that the MagSafe market isn’t mature yet to support a portless design.

And concerning the transition from Lightning to USB-C, Apple has no such plans after all. According to Kuo, Apple is reluctant to shift to USB-C because it is considered an open standard and is less waterproof than Lightning cables. The quality of Lightning cables can be regulated by Apple via the Made for iPhone (MFi) program but this is not possible with USB-C.

There are more rumours about the iPhone 13 but to avoid more confusion or unnecessary high expectations, we suggest that you wait patiently for the product launch later this year.

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