8 Coolest Android Features

Android comes in different versions with Android 11 being the latest version. Though each Android version comes with interesting features, the new features in the latest Android updates are full of awesome improvements. Here are the 8 coolest Android features you should know:

1. Dark Mode

After much experimentation, the dark mode feature is finally here to stay. The dark mode feature is one of the most expected, pleasing, and coolest Android features. Dark mode helps to manage screen brightness and save battery life.

2. Gesture Navigation

Before now, navigation was only possible using the Android’s traditional button but now, you can simply use swipes and taps to either move between apps or return to the home screen – thanks to gesture navigation.

3. Wi-Fi and QR codes

This cool feature makes sharing Wi-Fi networks a breeze with just a QR code. You can easily create a QR code for your Wi-Fi network for others to scan and join. You can also join a Wi-Fi network by scanning a QR code.

4. No Permanent Permissions

With the recent Android update, Google has taken privacy issues a bit more seriously. Android users can now allow some apps to only have access to some permissions only when they’re actually in use – and no longer in the background.
This feature also enables you to grant some apps one-time access to certain permissions like your microphone or camera. More so, Google would automatically reset permissions you grant to an app if you don’t use the app over an extended period – this is a cool and safe feature to protect your privacy should the app be compromised or change its privacy policy.

5. Privacy Settings

Photo: Mika Baumeister (Unsplash)

The latest Android versions now come with a dedicated Privacy section, where you’ll see all apps and their permissions for things like microphone, contacts, camera, location, calendar, and so on. This is located in the “Settings” section.
Earlier Android versions lacked a clear way to view which app has access to what data/item on your phone. But this cool feature makes it easy for users to view, grant, and withdraw permissions for specific apps.

6. Redesigned/Reorganized Settings Page 

The “Settings” page has been redesigned and reorganized in the latest Android versions – just the way it should have been. The “Settings” page is now shorter in length than in older versions – thanks to the categorization of items.
Items like the “Language and Input,” “Developer Options”, “About Phone,” and so on are placed in the “System” category. The slide-over menu in the “Settings” app is also gone – something you’ll like too.

7. Undo App Removal

Another cool feature is the ability to undo app removal from the home screen. So, if you’re using the latest android version and you accidentally remove an app icon from your home screen, you can undo the removal – though you have just a few seconds after the app icon has been removed to undo this change.

8. Built-In Screen Recording

This sounds like the coolest of all features. Screen recording on Android devices had never been possible before, not without using third-party apps, which are sometimes buggy. But now, you can record content on your device’s screen, including audio without installing a third-party app. You will find this feature on your notification shade. You may need to tap on the pencil icon to add this feature to the notifications shade.

That’s it for our list of the 8 coolest Android features. Do you have any cooler features you’d like to see in the Android OS? Let us know.

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