iOS for Beginners

Getting a new iPhone is an exciting experience. There are plenty of things you can do with it and most of them are handy for your daily life. However, Apple devices come with the iOS operating system and it is somewhat different from other OS available out there, such as Android. 

iPhone & MacBook (Image by Pexels)

To help you get the most out of your iOS device, below is a list of the most useful default apps, accessories, shortcuts together with a short explanation of what they are and what they can do for you.


If you use email regularly for work, your device’s Mail app will be useful. The Mail app is not only easy and straightforward to use but it also handles all your email accounts.


You can set alerts, create events and share them with family and colleagues with the Calendar app. You can create several calendars as well, particularly for different purposes and groups of people. Don’t want to publicly share you’re leaving early from work to go to a concert this Tuesday? Put this on your “Personal” calendar rather than “Work” and you’re good to save your face.


You can do a lot more than just snapping photos and taking videos with the Camera app. Among other fun stuff, you can take slo-mo videos, panoramic photos, and time-lapse videos.


The default iOS Maps app is the easiest way to help you move from destination A to B as it will provide clear directions and approximate time of arrival. 

You can alternatively use Google Maps if for any reason you don’t get comfortable with the interface.


This app will allow you to set a waking-up alarm (Alarm), check the time of different countries around the globe (World Clock), and monitor how long your food has been in your oven (Timer).


Would you like to share that sweet photo you snapped earlier? Install any/all of your preferred social-media applications such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter from the iOS app store at no cost.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay (Image by Apple)

Apple Pay is really Apple: elegant, streamlined and simple to use. Rather than searching through your moneybag to the debit/credit card you like to use to make a purchase, Apple Pay allows you to pay straight from your iOS device.


The Weather application displays the present weather conditions of your current location using your device’s internal GPS. You can also open weather apps in any city around the globe you choose. The built-in city in your app is Cupertino, California (Apple head office), however, not to worry, you can erase it and make your own list of cities you want.


Rather than browsing through several different news channels, get daily news updates compiled and curated for you in just one app. 


Use your iOS device to track your everyday steps walked, sleep pattern, foods you’re taking to help you keep healthy and maintain good habits, or offer reminders to change the bad ones.

Getting a hang of your new iOS device is a thrilling experience. However, to keep your device in good shape you also need some accessories such as a screen protector and a phone cover.  Besides protection, you can give your phone a new and unique look with a new phone cover. Browse through our many options and order an outstanding phone case that matches your unique style.

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