Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL

Later this year, there will be three Pixel 3 phones to choose from. Interestingly, this was also the plan for 2017, until a phone was cut. So, what can we expect from Google Pixel 3 smartphones?

Even though Google has always been very interested in smartphone space through the Android operating system, it is relatively new to the smartphone industry.

Although Google has been developing hardware for a long time with the Nexus series, the goal of this range has never been a big sale.

It’s possible that the Google-branded phones have not taken the world by surprise, but for a while, they have a fairly steady and loyal fan base: first with the Nexus series and now with Pixel phones.

But with most of Google’s mountain of money from its Android operating system, search, ads, services and YouTube companies, the company has enough protection to keep trying to get its phones off the ground. Maybe the Pixel 3 series of 2018 will make it the third time the charm?

The Pixel and Pixel 2 series was very impressive, but the two versions did not have such an important surprise factor.

Unfortunately, right now, Google does not seem to have a lot of design ideas, as Pixel 3’s hardware losses seem, in general, almost identical to those of the first and second generation Pixel phones.

If it really is the exterior design that holds the Pixel brand of great sales and the appeal of the mass consumer, we can not see that Pixel 3 is quite better.


According to Ice Universe, there’s a leak that shows a Pixel 3 XL render with a case. The apparent image of the product shows the box by itself, then next to it is the phone with the housing adjusted, with the screen facing the viewer.

This shows us a couple of things, first, the rendering shows that the Pixel 3 XL screen has a notch at the top for the camera and other front sensors; this with previous escapes and rumors about the presence of a notch.

In addition, we can see with the case that it shows that it has a cut for a single sensor rear camera and another hole for the dual LED flash, which means that Pixel 3 XL will not adopt dual sensor technology. In addition to that, we also see a crop for a fingerprint scanner mounted on the back so there will not be one on the screen.

Live photos are leaked showing what is considered a prototype of Pixel 3 XL. The images were published in the XDA Developers forum, showing both the front and back of the phone. On the front panel, the phone appears to have a notch on the top of the screen and a chin on the bottom.

Even the notch seems to have two openings, which could be a camera and some other type of sensor, or two cameras that work with a double-lens configuration. If this is true, we could expect to see some types of 3D facial unlocking features.


Specs and Features:

The new Pixel phones will have the next version of Google’s mobile operating system, the Android P. The developer preview was released on March 8 and the latest evidence suggests that the operating system could be called pineapple cake.

However, it’s not completely sure these features are included, but it’ll probably come with dual cameras and serial slot support. Google is also working on reviewing how message notifications work. In the developer preview, you can view images and previous messages in a conversation and even send images, for example directly from the notification tab.

Snapdragon 710

Another of the so-called leak regarding the Pixel 3 suggests that Google is working on a mid-range Pixel that will present a Snapdragon 710 chip.

Roland Quandt, a tipster with a history of specifying leaks for upcoming smartphones, yesterday tweeted “Google is working on a mobile device” based on Snapdragon 710. Although he admitted he did not know any “specifics” beyond this, Quandt added that the development of the device had begun only a month ago and therefore will not be released until the first half of 2019.

Wireless Charging

The third part of the Google Pixel range will probably have a wireless charging feature, will suggest countless reports. Shortly after the release of the second beta version of Android P, XDA developers have identified a line of code in the operating system that lends itself to wireless charging.

In addition, the hypothesis that Google Pixel 3 will again have a crystal, a function that optimizes phones for wireless charging, in particular with respect to metal backs, has also increased.

When it comes to wireless charging, Google’s already one step ahead. The company’s previous wireless charging phones include Google Nexus 6 and Google Nexus 5, although these efforts were discontinued in 2015 with the launch of the Nexus 5X and Nexus 6P.

Release Date

It’s most likely that the Pixel 3 will be released at the end of 2018. The Pixel 3, like Pixel and Pixel 2, will probably take over the market at the end of October 2018. The launch event for the first two generations of Google Pixel was October 4th, so there is a good chance that the company will follow this pattern. If this is the case, the phone will probably be launched within a couple of weeks later, in mid-October.

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