Apple Watch 4 Leaks and Rumours

Apple Watch Series 4 can have larger screens, advanced heart rate tracking, and so much more. Apple is on the verge again of revealing one of their upcoming devices for this year. While there are already many speculations and leaks for the next iPhone, iPad Pro and even on the Mac Book, the rumors about the next Apple watch are also spreading throughout the public.

Although there are several leaks about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4, it seems like this may be a great year for the smartwatch. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4.

1.) Design

While the overall design of Apple Watch has become an icon and has been the inspiration for many smartwatches, it seems that the time has come to change. Well, according to a report by KGI Securities, which was first seen at 9to5Mac, a design change is coming to the Apple Watch Series 4.

Although KGI Securities does not provide much detail, it expects Apple Watch to present “a more modern form factor design” this year. The company also suggests that the Apple Watch Series 4 screen will be 15% larger. Tech analyst, Ming Chi-Kuo, worked out a little and predicted that Apple Watch Series 4 will have 1.57-inch and 1.78-inch screens. Although there’s no significant statement from Apple that they would make the general interface of the 4 series more generic, or they’d increase the screen space by decreasing the frame size.


2.) Specs

This year Apple Watch will certainly include an updated Apple S4 processor. As with every processor update, expect to see better performance and greater efficiency. Because Apple Watch Series 3 comes with 16 GB of storage space, it is unlikely that there will be an archiving blip for the 2018 update.

Regarding the memory, Apple Watch Series 3 was supplied with 768 MB of RAM, so it’s not possible that Apple can reach a level up to 1 GB in the 4 series. Also, Apple will probably switch to Bluetooth 5 for Apple Watch Series 4.

In terms of visualization, there is the possibility that we will see some changes in the Apple Watch series. First, the screen itself may more significant, as KGI Securities predicts that Apple will increase the size of the Apple Watch Series 4 screen by 15%. There is also the possibility that Apple will make the transition to more efficient MicroLED screens for Apple Watch’s collection this year.


3.) Operating System

Apple Watch Series 4 will run almost permanently in Watch OS 5. At this time, details are poor in Watch OS 5. Although it’s not entirely sure, there are some features that we can expect for the next version of Watch OS.

The new “face-of-the-clock” options are the most noticeable addition that all of us are going to expect in the Watch OS 5. There is also a decent chance to see improved customization options since the latest Watch OS iterations have allowed users to customize more interface each time.

also hope to see better health monitoring in Watch OS 5. Kuo also predicted that the upcoming Apple Watch Series 4 will be equipped with advanced heart rate detection. Apple can also introduce native dream monitoring (especially since Apple bought Beddit in 2017) and monitor the period in Watch OS 5.


4.) Battery and Charging

Will the Apple Watch Series 4 have a bigger battery than its predecessors? If you think of a KGI Securities report, this Apple Watch Series 4 will have a bigger battery than its predecessors. In addition to a larger battery, it is also likely that we can see better overall battery life in this year’s update, as Apple continues to find ways to make its chips more energy efficient. The OLED screen transition to MicroLED could also significantly increase the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 4.

Regarding of its charging features, we’ll hope to see more wireless charging options for Apple Watch Series 4. Since Apple introduced a wireless charging option with Apple AirPower for its smartwatch series 3, it is no exaggeration to think that the Apple Watch this year may offer wireless charging through the Qi standard.


5.) Release Date

The price for the next Apple Watch is unknown, and it’s anticipated that there’s a modest price increase compared to Apple Watch Series 3 to take into account the bigger screen and internal improvements. It’s also expected that there will be a Wi-Fi model and a more expensive LTE version, like last year.

While it is hard to guess precisely when Apple Watch Series 4 will be released, its estimated release is scheduled for September 2018. In recent years, Apple has announced that Apple Watch is being updated with its iPhone, and so on, as this tradition continues. So, buckle up and get ready for the next Apple watch might be released sooner than we think!

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