The best phones for children

Technology is currently evolving, and the need for a more efficient way to keep in touch with your children from afar has also increased, for we’re all aiming for independence and confidence within the use of smartphone technology. Mobile phones have become the apparent daily solution for essential communication and contact for our loved ones and the people that we want to communicate with, especially our children.


Even if a phone is an excellent way for parents to stay in touch with their children, choosing the right one is not always easy. Parents must appease specific crucial factors, such as costs and control, while admitting their children with features like games, applications, photos and text messages, among other things.

Here are our top choices for the best smartphones and mobile phones for children so that you can stay in touch with your loved ones at all times. So, read on!

1.) iPhone SE


The iPhone SE is the real deal, but it’s not cheap. However, do not be fooled by the small package. The iPhone SE has a fast A9 processor, which is the same processor used in the iPhone 6S. It also comes with a crisp screen and manages the latest version of iOS. The iPhone SE is an excellent option for even a child since it has integrated parental controls. You can prevent your child from accessing the Internet and using specific applications, for example, or prevent him from making purchases in the App Store.

If you’re a family who normally chooses Apple devices, you can share iTunes content and easily monitor your child’s position. It is indeed not the cheapest smartphone that you could buy for your child, but it has excellent features, excellent software and a handy size for small hands.

2.) Nokia 6.1


It’s unfortunate, but the kids nowadays are a little clumsy sometimes, and even the little ones often use expensive phones would eventually end up throwing them across the room. With this in mind, it is often worth making sure your phone can resist shocks without experiencing any problems. The Nokia 6.1 is the smartphone that is totally suitable for that kind of situation. It supports the recent trend of glass with a metallic construction that feels extremely solid. It’s not exactly a sturdy phone, but it should be able to take some accidental drops and bumps better than most of the heavy duty smartphones in today’s market.

However, this comes at a certain price, and the big frames mean it’s not the smartest phone, even if we like the brass edges. Still, it’s powerful, beating most of the other phones for under $ 300, making it the perfect companion for a generation of happy games. The camera has a low performance in low light conditions but otherwise is good. It also works on Google’s Android One operating system, which means your phone will be updated with the latest security patches and new features quickly and frequently, which will help protect your child’s phone. It’s a great option if you prefer solid performance and durability to eye-catching looks.

3.) Motorola G6


If you are looking for a smartphone that is not that expensive but still offers excellent performance, then the Motorola G range is usually where you should start.

The phone’s performance is quite good, provided by a Snapdragon 450, although it may have problems with multitasking. We found that the exchange between the most demanding applications slowed the phone a bit, but also managed the simple games well enough, providing a sufficiently robust performance for most of the time. There are too many storage options, with 32 GB available as a necessary option and the ability to add a MicroSD card for more space.

It also has a decent camera, so your child can share selfies without worrying about the quality. It’s not perfect though, and the battery life may not last as long as you expect it to be, but the Motorola TurboPower charging feature means that 15 minutes of charging can give you six hours of battery life. Feel your baby at dinner and connect the phone, and you should be more than ready to go to sleep. All in all, the Moto G6 is an excellent phone that should serve your child well.

4.) Honor 7X


Now, here’s a smartphone that is totally worth your budget for it packs up total functionality and entertainment for your children. Fortunately for them (and your wallet), the Honor 7X seems like the perfect phone for your business, at a bargain price. It is one of the first devices in the economical price range that comes with a frameless design similar to the Galaxy S8 and the iPhone X, at a fraction of the price.

The 5.9″ screen is huge, with plenty of room for most games and movies. The Kirin 659 processor is robust and capable of supporting any other phone with similar prices on the market. The 3.340mAh battery is durable, and kids who like taking pictures (because most kids have Instagram accounts) will love the great dual sensor camera package on the back of the phone. The metal body is solid and should be strong enough, and Now that Android is running, there are tons of excellent parental control apps out there. The only real drawback is that Honor phones are not compatible with Verizon or Sprint, so if you’re in a family plan with one of these, This is not the best solution. Otherwise the Honor 7X is a smartphone with a fantastic budget that kids will love.

There are lots of mobile phones on the market that has the potential to become the most suitable smartphone for your kids. So, choose wisely and pick the smartphone that you’ll think that fit the daily needs of your child the most.

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