The 10 Best Phones for Seniors

The best mobile phones for seniors can vary in many ways depending on the comfort levels of the user. When choosing phones for older people, one must consider their special needs. And having a phone that can tend to these needs is indeed, helpful to the seniors. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of mobile phones that are senior-friendly that can make any tech-savvy grandparent happy or just to help them stay in touch.


A large or widescreen is an obvious choice when selecting a phone for a senior. But there are also a lot of factors to consider. Extra touches, like emergency response features, the durability of the phone, and other phone features are important in choosing.

Whatever your situation may be and whatever special feature you want for your phone, rest assured that we have the top ten best phones for seniors right here, and we will expound the advantages and disadvantages each phone can bring.

Nokia 3310 3G

Not all seniors may want the fancy and sophisticated technology of modern smartphones so the simple and straightforward Nokia 3310 can be the perfect choice for them. Some smartphones have really complicated functions and it may take a while before a senior can get used to it. But with this phone, all of its features are easy to use, complete with all the basic needs to keep in contact, plus a really long lasting battery to keep up.

This phone can support the fundamental functions of a phone like calling, texting, and even a little bit of social media. There’s also a little camera for that extra touch. The main feature of this phone is its durability, so a drop here and there will not be much of a worry.

Advantages: sturdy and simple design, long battery life

Disadvantages: a bit pricey for a feature phone

Alcatel GO FLIP

This phone also sports a simple design with modern upgrades. It functions and looks like an old-school flip phone, but it has a 4G LTE connectivity for a faster web usage. The fast internet connectivity allows the phone to have a better quality when calling using voice-over-LTE.

Aside from the 4G connection, this phone also has a camera and can be connected to a 3.55mm headphone jack which is good and helpful for those older people who have a hard time hearing.

Advantages: 4G LTE connectivity, affordability

Disadvantages: Not water resistant, small screen since it is a flip phone

Moto G6

For a more modern phone without the huge price, the Moto G6 is a wonderful option. For a really affordable smartphone, it still sports the many features expensive phones have. It has a glass back and front, (so a durable phone case is recommended for this phone) and a sleek, modern metal frame design. It also has a wide screen of 5.7 inches across, making it easier for seniors to read as they can enlarge the font to their liking.

Moreover, the phone has a water repellant coating to cover any accidental drops, a fingerprint reader, special gesture internal controls, and internals to compete with other flagship smartphones.

Advantages: Slight water resistance, widescreen, affordable price.

Disadvantages: Weak durability without a case.

OnePlus 6

Among the other smartphones in this list, the OnePlus 6 offers a very clean and simple Android experience for seniors. The user interface of the phone is not entirely complicated, making it plainly easy to control and manage. Plus, its 6.28-inch display and competent internals is something to boast about.

However, the price is the issue here since it is not a cheap flagship smartphone right now and durability is not its strongest forte. Still, it is an amazing phone with a lot to offer to its senior audience.

Advantages: Clean Android operating system, large screen, slight water resistance.

Disadvantages: Weak durability, expensive.

Galaxy S9 Plus

The Galaxy S9 Plus is also a great pick because of its massive screen size of 6.2 inches across. Samsung really outdid their selves with this phone with various features like a fingerprint scanner, iris scanner, and face recognition making the phone really secure. The smartphone itself sports a Snapdragon 845 chipset, meaning it has an amazing response performance. It is a bit expensive compared to other phones on this list but it has all these amazing features. This is recommended for tech-savvy grandparents.

Advantages: Large screen display, responsive performance, fully featured.

Disadvantages: Complicated phone, premium price.

iPhone 8 Plus

If you’re on the tech-savvy side, then this phone is the best option for you. This smartphone offers a high-quality performance and feature on a 5.5-inch display across, which is enough to size up your fonts to the senior’s liking. Although, a bit pricey, the iPhone 8 Plus can ensure that it is all worth it since it also has a fast connection. A phone case is recommended as it uses an all-glass design that won’t do well if dropped accidentally.

Advantages: Sharp and large display, fast performance

Disadvantages: Expensive, weak durability without a case


iPhone 7 Plus

Compared to the iPhone 8 Plus, the iPhone 7 Plus is also a great option for tech-savvy seniors. This phone is also a tad bit expensive, but it’s all worth the price as you will get a 5.5-inch display, a snappy performance, and a direct operating system with iOS 11. Still, a phone case is recommended since it uses a glass design.

Advantages: Large and sharp display, snappy performance

Disadvantages: Weak durability without a case, expensive


The GrandPad is a specialized tablet/smartphone that offers an easy way for grandparents to stay connected with their loved ones minus the complicated procedures of a smartphone. It features a wide, 8-inch screen, full HD display, complete with large buttons for easy navigation. Plus, it connects via 4G LTE or over Wi-Fi.

Relatives can easily set-up the interface of the GrandPad to make it accessible and filtering out spam messages and callers.

Advantages: Big screen and UI, simplified interface

Disadvantages: Can be overly simple for some

Jitterbug Flip

This phone is a basic flip phone with features tailor-made for seniors. It has a large and easy to read interface, a loudspeaker, and simple navigation. The phone’s simplicity is its charm for older people and it is fairly easy to use and be familiarized with.

Advantages: clear buttons and screen, loudspeaker

Disadvantages: Maybe a bit pricey

Jitterbug Smart

Think of this as a Jitterbug Flip with a smartphone touch. This phone is not only offered at a reasonable price but also features an easy smartphone experience without the complicated controls and mechanics. It has a 5.5-inch display, read and front cameras, and a touchscreen display for simple smartphone navigation.

Advantages:  Simple interface, affordable smartphone

Disadvantages: Uncertain durability

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