Sony Xperia Ear Duo: Australian Price And Availability

What started a couple of years ago as a concept, for a “transparent” or “open ear” hearing aid, has finally reached the Sony portfolio and is available for pre-order on Amazon. At a time when audio producers compete for high-quality noise-canceling surround sound, Sony takes a different approach with its latest innovation, the Sony Xperia Ear Duo.



These truly wireless headphones are designed to allow users to listen to their music or podcasts, keeping an eye on the surrounding noises, for example, if you are in a place like an airport, where you want to spend time watching a film or Listen to music but do not miss any ads. Sony calls this “double listening”.

Sony Xperia Ear Duo is an unusual product. It is a set of totally wireless in-ear headphones that have an open design that lets you listen to the outside world while listening to music or making calls. This does not make them so different from Apple’s AirPods, which also allow sound filtering, but the Xperia Ear Duo is even more open.

By placing a personal assistant straight into the ear without keeping you from feeling the world around you, the Sony Xperia Ear Duo is an exciting look at the future of portable technology, although this version is not exactly refined.

Last year, Sony showed them as a conceptual product, but officially they became reality and will be sent at the end of May for $ 280 in two color options.

The Xperia Ear Duo can be combined with Android and iOS and taking into account notification functions; It is likely that the headset was used with smartphones. Audio messages keep you informed of calendar appointments, news headlines, or any other updates scheduled on your phone. It can also work with voice-activated assistants, such as Sony, Google Assistant or Siri.

Specifications of the Xperia Ear Duo button:

  • True wireless design
  • The open design allows you to listen to your music and calls while remaining in
  • Contact with the surrounding environment
  • Tactile commands
  • Smart assistance with contextual alerts: personalized information is provided
  • Based on your current location or activity
  • Intelligent control of the head gesture for hands-free interaction
  • 4 hours battery life for active use
  • The quick loading box offers three additional complete loads
  • Quick charge function that gives you an hour of battery life from a 7-minute charge.
  • Up to 22 hours of standby time
  • Price: $ 280


The design is really unusual Xperia Ear Duo does not look like any other headset. Instead of following the truly wireless trend of putting all the technology into one light bulb-shaped phone, Sony put the components inside an oblong section that hangs under the ear, with the small earpiece connected to the end of a fixed and curved tube. Think of them as upside-down hearing aids. This makes an art suitable. You need to slide the headset into place while maneuvering the main component to fit it under the earlobe.

Sound Quality

The handset is circular and made of rubber. There is a hole in the center and the tube directs the audio to the ear. You can perfectly hear the world around you while the music plays at a reasonable volume, including an understanding of the perfect conversation. Turn up the volume and the voices are drowned, but not at the expense of sound losses. You have to get close to know if something was playing, which makes them great for privacy and sociability.

They are controlled with gestures and touch. You expect a basic slide of your finger up and down to adjust the volume and a touch to pause, But even the headphones react to the movements of the head. For example, a blinking sign accepts an incoming call and a movement to the right goes to the next track.

Music is not the only thing you hear through the Xperia Ear Duo. They are controlled via a smartphone application where you can set alerts and information based on your location. For example, a morning information session on calendar and weather events can be read when you are leaving home, as well as e-mails when you get to work. In addition, they are compatible with both the Google Assistant and Siri for intelligent assistance while on the go and dictate messages and other telephone notifications.

Charging Capabilities

The Ear Duo can deliver the usage of four hours of battery life per charge and is no better than most other wireless headphones and one hour more of our favorites, including Apple’s cheaper AirPods and Jabra’s new 65t. The case recharges them for a total of 16 hours of use, which again is the market average. The casing has a quick-charge function, where seven minutes connected to an electrical outlet return an hour of use of the headphones: perfect for a trip home if the battery runs unexpectedly.

The design of the Xperia Ear Duo is really stunning. But while ambient sound technology is not new, you can not deny how useful (and the safest) is the ability to listen to the world around you while listening to music. Everyone, from cyclists to frequent travelers, will appreciate this feature.

Pricing and Availability 

When it comes to price, the new Sony outbreaks are positive. After the pre-order on May 1, the Xperia Ear Duo will be available on May 25 at the advertised price of $280 or 280 euros.



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  1. Just received mine from amazon in gold. These are just WOAH! Finally can hear my surroundings with my headphones on

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