Why you may replace your Apple Watch for a Google Pixel Watch?

So far, Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) seemed to be a secondary project for Google, but it looks like it might be about to change with a new flagship device called Pixel Watch, and they’re planning to take on Apple’s recent smartwatch to prove which is better.

For a long time, it was expected that Google would do something similar, but recent rumors added fuel to the fire.

The most recent report comes from the reliable Twitter filter Evleaks. He says that along with the third-generation Pixel smartphone and the second-generation Pixel Buds, Google will present a Pixel watch.


According to a recent news report: Google could be building three new WearOS watches, not just one.

Google will hold its annual I/O conference in California within this month, but the company has not mentioned the use of Wear OS during one of its major events.

However, event companies like Qualcomm discussed how the next harvest of Wear OS devices will compete with Apple Watch. For its part, Google changed the name of Android Wear to Wear OS.

Last year, David Singleton, vice president of software engineering at Google, said that Android Wear “was not a hobby”, but refused to confirm the existence of a Pixel Watch that said: “It is very important to go on in the ecosystem “.

Well, aside from all of that, here’s everything that you’ve got to know about the Pixel watch’s possible specs and other features.


It’s hard to guess exactly how Pixel Watch will be. There’s still no leaked image for the device yet since the company hadn’t released any pictures for the public until this time. So, it’s all about speculations and possibilities for the design, from the previous smartwatches that were released first.

That said, it’s expected that the Pixel Watch will have a smaller form factor than many other smartwatches currently on the market. Since you’re likely to use a smaller processor, but not yet released, Google will probably be able to reduce some millimeters of the total width of the case.


Due to the fact that the Pixel Watch announcement is still several months away, the details of the smart watch’s specifications are scarce. However, we expect Pixel Watch to ship with top-quality hardware.

We are almost certain that Pixel Watch will include the new Qualcomm portable chipset that will be sent later this year. According to reports, the new processor will be smaller, more efficient and will outperform its predecessor, the Snapdragon 2100. We would also like to provide a Wi-Fi and LTE version of Pixel Watch available.

Perhaps the biggest advantage of the noisy Pixel Watch is its operating system. Pixel Watch will run a standard version of Wear OS. Because the smartwatch will be Google’s hardware, it should receive frequent software and support updates for at least a few years.

Other Features

Before 2016, Google used the Nexus brand to show how it should appear Android introducing manufacturers such as LG, Huawei, and Motorola into manufacturers’ devices designed exclusively to show the main features of the latest version of Android.

Now that the honor goes to the Google Pixel brand, and even though we’ve only seen two generations of that phone, it’s a device that is praised as one of the best on the market, especially when it comes to photography.

By bringing that experience into mobile technology in the smartwatch space, you should be able to create a high-end device.

This will be Wear OS since it is designed to look without any extra bloatware, as you can get in third-party manufacturer watches or an annoying overlay that slows down or complicates the way you browse the clock.

Possible Flagship Name

Google has yet to confirm that it is making a smartwatch, so we have not received confirmation of the name yet. However, the famous infiltrator Evan Blass and other informants have referred to the next device as the Pixel Watch, and that name seems to be more connected to the brand.

Official Release and Availability

It could be a bit of a wait until we can actually see the Pixel Watch. Given that Google will probably wait for Qualcomm to release its new portable chipset before announcing the Pixel Watch, it is likely that we will not see the watch until the end of the year.

Right now, we believe that the Pixel Watch will be announced along with the crop of the new Pixel smartphones this year. Google announced the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL last year at the end of October, so we expect a similar announcement date for this year.

In terms of availability, Google is likely to sell the Pixel Watch on its website and in major stores. If Google runs an LTE version of the Pixel Watch, it can be an exclusive courier for the entire holiday season.

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