What changes in the Windows 10 update that you couldn’t do before?

Microsoft has tested its latest update of Windows 10 Fall Creators over the past six months and is now ready to be deployed on existing machines today. While Microsoft’s “Creators Update” designation extends to this latest update of Windows 10, many of the features are new additions that will be used by all Windows users. Microsoft is officially launching its Windows mixed reality (VR) headset with the Fall Creators update and is finally integrating the contacts into the Windows 10 taskbar.

Well, most of the developments that were made from the latest Fall Creator Update are minor and some have even been postponed until a future update. Microsoft is also starting to change the overall appearance of Windows 10 with its new fluid design in updating creative fall. You’ll see some of these subtle changes and animations if you upgrade your PC today, and others will come in the following year.

Now, take a look at some of the best upgrades and improvements that have been implemented for this latest Windows 10 update



Microsoft reports the placeholder files for OneDrive with the update of the creative creatives in the fall. A new on-demand feature allows OneDrive to choose data from the cloud when needed, without having to sync files and folders with a device.


The “OneDrive Files On-Demand feature” will only download files when you need them and File Explorer will show which files are available locally or should be downloaded from the cloud. Applications can also sync files from OneDrive and you will receive a notification that shows the progress of the download.

This is a big improvement over the previous method of syncing entire folders for offline use, and all the files you open will be automatically synchronized until disk space expires.


My People is the Microsoft method to make the static taskbar of Windows 10 a little more personal. Now you can anchor friends, work colleagues or family members in the taskbar to quickly access contact details.

You can also use Skype to call or send a message to a contact in the taskbar, and the emojis and messages will be displayed during conversations. The most useful part of this integration of people is the ability to drag and drop elements such as images directly into a contact and share them easily.


Microsoft’s answer to virtual reality, Windows Mixed Reality, is now available with Fall Creator Update. To use Mixed Reality, you need to purchase a headset other than PC manufacturers like Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Lenovo or Samsung.

The configuration process involves only launching the Mixed Reality Portal application and most modern PCs will be able to run basic Mixed Reality applications. You’ll need a more powerful laptop/computer to access some of the most challenging games and experiences.


Microsoft is trying to come up with a new design language for Windows 10, called Fluent Design. The update of Windows 10 Fall Creators presents some parts of Fluent Design, with subtle effects and animations. The Microsoft Fluent design system is designed to be the true successor of Microsoft’s Metro design and will be displayed in all applications and services on Windows, iOS, and Android.


Microsoft focuses on light, depth, motion, material, and scale for its fluid design, with animations that make it appear that the design moves during interactions in Windows.

Most new changes include subtle additions such as blur effects, which is a type of design that is seen while using Windows Vista. The Windows 10 Fall Creators update also simplifies the resizing of applications and windows, thanks to the changes made to the design and transparency in the Start menu that now uses a thin acrylic design.

Design changes also extend to the notification center for Windows. Well, it’s even easier to take a look now for the update comes with clear lines of separation between applications and new elements of Fluent Design. Even the notification toast has been updated and the animations feel a little softer.


Most other Microsoft Edge edits are minor, but additions are welcome. There is more control over closing tabs and now you can migrate cookies and settings from Chrome to Edge. Microsoft is finally adding the ability to edit URLs in favorites and an improved user interface to handle bookmarks in general.

Performance has also been improved and new cards should be loaded faster, along with more reliable copies and tapes. Microsoft still needs to work on Edge performance and get extensions on par with Chrome, but things like singular passwords are yet to arrive.


If you have Microsoft Surface, the update of Fall Creators will improve the touch and ink functions. Microsoft has added a new touch keyboard with text prediction and faster access to emojis. There is also a one-handed touch keyboard and writing forms so you can scroll the keys to type (just like Windows Phone). Microsoft has also added a dictation button so you can speak to write or even use voice commands to navigate in Windows 10.

The new improvements in the pen let you write everything you want in the input panel and the words simply flow so you can keep writing. It’s a great improvement for ink support in Windows 10 and even text selection has been modified to help here. Ink gestures now support the ability to make corrections and the input panel is now mobile by default. You can also browse and scroll using the pencil.

If you keep on losing your pen unexpectedly from time to time, don’t worry, for Microsoft has added the “Find Pen” option to find out the last time ink was used on the device.


If you use headphones with your Windows 10 PC a lot, it will be much easier to manage with the Autumn autograph update. Now you can right-click the sound icon in the notification area and enable Windows Sonic, a spatial sound function that supports surround sound and Dolby Atmos.

The new volume mixer also supports the ability to control the volume of individual applications for universal Windows applications, which is useful if you want to play music from Groove Music or Microsoft Edge in the background at a volume slightly lower than the system volume. games.

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