New iPad 2018: release date, news and leaks

The iPad Pro for 2018 could make its appearance at Apple’s educational event next week.


It’s been a couple of years now where it seems like most of the tablet sales have gone off the boil, which explains why there weren’t many new models launched in 2017. Even Apple appears to have ditched its smallest tablet with no new iPad mini for over two years.

But the iPad Pro range certainly isn’t being ignored with a new 10.5-inch model introduced in June 2017. Analysts are pointing out a similar time frame for the next generation of iPad release during this year, 2018.

Also, Apple minimized the bevels around the 10.5-inch iPad Pro when it was launched earlier this year, so it completely got rid of the frames on the new iPhone X.

Soon, the iPad Pro’s successor this year would be much better than before, and it’s entitled to remove almost everything around the screen, in addition to adding Face ID and other features that are displayed on the iPhone X.

There is nothing official yet, but the rumors on the iPad Pro 2018 are getting already accumulating.

So, Here’s an insight of all of its specs, features including its awaited release date.

Release Date

It is possible that the new iPad appears a bit earlier than expected. Apple has announced that it will hold an event focused on special education on March 27, this year, which according to speculation will serve as a launch event for the new iPad.

Of course, Apple has not confirmed this at all, for the company rarely provides details about their upcoming products. If the iPad does not show up at the March 27 event, the next possible event will be the Worldwide Developers Conference, which will start on June 4 in San Jose, California.

Overall Design

The iPad Pro 2018 can share an appearance similar to iPhone X, lose the start button and reduce the bevels, but avoiding the controversial “notch” of the iPhone X on the screen.

To give us an idea of how a tablet looks, a rendering on Twitter was created and shared.

It is not an official design, not even an escape from one, but it is an interesting clue for the possible direction of Apple for an iPad inspired by the iPhone X. While the frames around the screen remain, they are minimal and are uniform in all aspects, unlike the iPhone X.

There is no Home button, a fixture of the iPad since its launch, tying the render in with recent rumors next year’s model will use Face ID to secure and unlock the device.

The model will use Face ID to protect and unlock the device. It is not clear where the Face ID camera or other sensors are located in the X mark. The shape and design of the rear panel shown in the render are consistent with the current iPad models.

Face ID and Screen Specs

Face ID has replaced Touch ID on the iPhone X and can do the same on at least one iPad Pro 2018 model. The rumors have spread for a while and Bloomberg recently quoted anonymous sources claiming that we should expect more subtle frames and FaceID technology in a new iPad.

By removing the start button, and then the Touch ID, it will be possible to reduce the bezels, the source said.

It is expected that the iPad 2018 equipped with FaceID has a screen size similar to that of the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, even though the body may be smaller due to minimal bezels. While the iPhone X has an OLED screen, it is unlikely to be repeated on the new iPad, due to the supply restrictions for such large OLED panels.

Prior to this, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who has a proven track record in Apple’s rumors, wrote in a note to investors that the upcoming 10.5 and 12.9-inch iPad Pro will have a Face ID experience “consistent with the iPhone X.”

Face ID uses a neural engine to map outlines and shapes of faces in real time. It is not confused with hairstyles, hats or beards and also works while you’re in the dark.

Operating System

The operating system for this 2018 iPad Pro will be an iOS 11.3. It’s guaranteed to happen because Apple always uses an event to present some new features of what their devices can do.

There have been rumors that the new iPad may contain software called “ClassKit”, which adds to the theory that it will be an educational-oriented tablet.

The processor could be the A9 chipset that also boosted the iPad last year. However, this may leave you a bit powerless, but it helps to reduce costs. Our hypothesis is that the A10 chip will eventually be used, however, it would not be surprising if a poorer engine were to reveal itself and with less RAM at the top.

New Apple Pencil

Apple is increasing the production of Apple Pencil; So much that almost doubled, up to 10 million units this year. This is because Apple thinks that a stylus/pencil would work better with a new task-oriented iPad.

This theory is even better, since the new iPad 2018 will support Apple Pencil, making it more useful over the iPad Pro series.

The Apple stylus/pencil may eventually get an update this year because there are numerous anonymous sources who spoke with Bloomberg have suggested that a new version is being prepared, complete with new features and software tools.


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