Samsung Galaxy S9 X Galaxy S8 – Fixing up what we ”WE” disliked!

The newest, biggest and the most awaited flagship release from Samsung is coming up pretty soon, and it’s going to feature the tech giant’s most glorified smartphone ever, the Samsung Galaxy S9, coming alongside with it is the S9 PLUS.

Along with the powerful specs and features that it’ll come with, it’s also going to FIX some of the major issues found in its previous version, the Galaxy S8.

These beautiful and powerful smartphones are going to become Samsung’s most powerful front-liners this year. Without a doubt, they’ll even turn the tables with this release, gaining a boosted head start for this year’s smartphone competition.


Samsung is ready to present its new Galaxy S9 at the Salone del Mobile World Congress (MWC) on February 25th. The new phone, which is considered a significant improvement over the S8, should be a direct rival of Apple’s flagship iPhone X as the most advanced smartphone on the market.

With its pristine leaked appearance that can be sourced out from the web, along with the specs and some of the latest installations that it’ll hold, we can finally figure out the top issues and the things that you didn’t like from the S8 which’s already been fixed in the S9 and S9 Plus.


1. Galaxy S9 to fix Samsung’s maligned fingerprint sensor

The S8’s fingerprint sensor was placed wrongly, based on the feedback from some users. Since it’s placed beside the camera and it’s causing a huge commotion for long-time Samsung users and it didn’t go too well for them.


Samsung made a simple solution by moving the fingerprint sensor to a better location, which is more accessible for users and much more convenient to look at, which is precisely a good news for everyone.

Along with the upcoming Face-ID feature similar to the iPhone X, Samsung has really made an impression by doing anything they can to give the users the best experience that they could get from the Samsung Galaxy S9. If you miss Touch ID and want to sometimes use Face ID, Samsung will likely tout both for you.

2. More focus for cameras, and a glimpse of HDR video recording

Samsung’s most current problem is that Tech giants such as ‘Google’ and ‘Apple’ are finally making their way to the top by expanding the depths of their camera technology for both their leading flagships, the iPhone X and the Pixel 2, which is already a step away from the top of the competition.


After hearing such issues, Samsung’s already on the move about enhancing their own visual technology for their newest flagships. Now, they’re hyping up the competition by putting a lot of effort into enhancing the performance of the Camera system for the S9, for they’re planning to continue on advancing against their competitors.

Samsung is really giving their fans a taste of capturing superb and crystal-clear photos, alongside with it is a lot of enhances to its basic video recording resolution, to give you a whole new level of experience when it comes to recording.

It’s expected to sport a variable aperture of f/1.5 (great for low light) to f/2.4 (more of the scene in focus, great for group shots). Also, with the phone carrying a Snapdragon 845 chip, it’s possible that this may be the first smartphone to support HDR video capture, with the new chip able to go up 64 times the color data the Snapdragon 835 can. Lastly, the Galaxy S9 Plus is supposedly getting a dual-lens camera, just like the Note 8.

3. Finally, a set of Stereo Speakers

A lot of people aren’t so happy with the S8’s bottom speaker, for it didn’t pack a lot of punch for its audio system, ruining the whole experience for a lot of users. Looks like Samsung really did a huge mistake by ruining some authentic music listener’s day by covering up that one technical error.


If you’re looking for a set of stereo speakers installed on your favorite mobile phone, then boosting up your expectations for Samsung’s latest flagship wouldn’t go wrong, for Samsung’s finally installing it to the Galaxy S9 and S9 PLUS.

It’s expected that the Galaxy S9 will include a speaker within its earpiece at the top and stick with the bottom-firing speaker. With the right enhancements and with the bleeding-edge technology installed for the Galaxy S9’s audio-system, you can finally hear a much clearer tone of music for your ears.

Well, apart from all of these fixes, Samsung’s really promising us to give each user the experience that they’re looking for. Since Samsung’s been going to deeper depths just to provide everyone what they’re looking for a first-class smartphone. So, sit back and relax, and together we’ll wait for the official grand release of the Galaxy S9 and S9 PLUS.


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