6 of the best iPhone speaker docks

Even though wireless speakers that use Bluetooth or Airplay have largely replaced the need for Dock speakers for your iPhone, a good high-quality dock can still offer you a reliable way to listen to your music at home.


Why choose wireless speaker docs?

It’s almost like an everyday pet peeve to see tangled wires scrambling all over your workplace. No one likes messy cables anywhere. Charging stations and docks help simplify your life by eliminating and managing the number of cables you have at home. If you’re in the mood in listening to some music while you’re at home, being an iPhone user wouldn’t be a problem, you’ll just need the perfect iPhone speaker dock to brighten up your day while tuning in to your favorite songs.

Well, here’s a list of the top 6 speaker docks for your iPhones that’s still functional and perfect to use any time of the day!

1.) KitSound XDock 4 Plus
A Budget-friendly bedside speaker


While the KitSound XDock 4+ wireless speaker dock is designed to look like an old-school alarm clock, adding a front light connector combines the old and new.

This device will function happily as a charging dock for your iPhone and as a speaker for your stored music, plus the sound quality is not bad with its 1.5″ speakers that provide 3W of sound, not up to the dedicated speakers but good enough as a room ranged speaker.

It’s definitely perfect for a bedside speaker and a combination of an alarm clock. It’s all you could ever hope for a simple, perfect iPhone dock while you’re in your room.

High-quality speaker dock for a low price


Looking for a low-budget speaker dock for your iPhones that packs a high sound-quality? Well, this is the one that you might be looking for.

This fully packed speaker is just like one of the old speakers that we traditionally have in our living rooms. It has a built-in mid/treble drivers on each side and a formidable subwoofer at the center with two dedicated bass-ports. It’s fully functional and recommendable if you’re looking for a full-size wireless speaker for your iPhones that’ll surely bring out high-quality sound results.

It’s fully controllable with a use of a remote control, but it’s also controllable by the use of some accessible control buttons on the top plate of the speaker, by the lightning dock. So, apart from its size and quality, it also packs up an aesthetic design that’s totally fit for your classic taste.

3.) Pure Contour D1 Dock
Fully connected & compatible with your old Apple devices


Made perfectly to suit the needs of the user, this ‘Pure Contour D1 Dock Speaker’ has lived to fulfill your expectations of a wireless speaker dock for your iPhones. Speaking of iPhones, this device is solely made to be accessible with the old versions of the iPhone, including the iPod classic. The perfect wireless dock for you if you still have those old smartphones in your sleeve.

It comes with a 30-pin adaptor as well as a lightning one to fit it the dock tray. Also, its radio function is still one of its key specs, especially when you’re about to turn in its “Classic FM” radio feature, it would still come out highly formidable as always.

It’s controllable with a remote, which is common for most wireless speakers. Also, aside from some of its outdated features, it still delivers that rich, crystal-clear sound quality without lacking bass.

4.) VQ Retro MK II
A Classic, colorful and funky choice for a speaker


A classic, timeless design for a modern, wireless speaker dock for your iPhone? Well, you got that right. This brilliantly colored VQ Retro MK II radio alarm dock has it all. Packed with quality design that also lives up quality to its performance.

The design of the VQ Retro Mk II features a clear, wide display that shows information such as the radio station and song you’re listening to, but also the time and volume level.

Despite its retro design, this radio has a good range of up-to-date features. It has an FM radio feature that can be played in ‘Forced Mono’, which makes weaker stations sound clearer at the expense of stereo sound.

It also has six equalizer settings affecting levels of bass and treble, as well as the option to set up your own custom sound quality. Overall, it’s highly recommendable if you’re looking for a classically themed radio dock for your iPhone.

5.) Bowers and Wilkins Z2
Room-filling sound ranged wireless speaker 


The Bowers & Wilkins Z2 is a compact AirPlay loudspeaker with an integrated Lightning dock that’s packed with an attractive design. It sounds good for its size and is light enough to move easily from room to room.

Although the fact that it has an expensive price for a wireless speaker dock, it surely lives up to its modernish design that gives your space that modern aesthetic atmosphere.

Overall the Z2 is an upfront, dynamic and energetic wireless speaker that grabs your attention immediately and takes you along for the ride. Highly recommended if you’re up to a speaker dock that provides elegance and sound quality.

6.) Jarre AeroBull HD
Crazily designed, but provides you with High-quality sound


Lastly, this speaker has the most unusual design that you’ll ever see, for Jarre Technologies has fully dedicated to bringing an upper-class craziness to their speakers to give the customers a full experience of style and quality.

The stylish Aerobull design or the dog symbol is representing as a man’s best friend, a genius concept along with its superbly odd form structure.

This device is known for providing superb sound quality along with the convenience of wireless music streaming using the latest Bluetooth wireless technology. A built-in 5 pin Lightning dock for Apple products and a 3.5mm aux input add to the vesatility.

It’s an overall sophisticated 2.1 speaker system with powerful, 120w RMS amplifier that ensures a superb sound quality with excellent clarity and deep, punchy bass. It also comes with a smart remote control (which is shaped like a bone!) that adds convenience and a pack of slight entertainment to the device.

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