How to buy the best battery pack for your gadgets

Trying to get the most out of your phone just to see it shut down inevitably? Does it ever make you feel like you’re as powerless as the battery? Well, that’s one of the common problems that we’re facing largely nowadays. Despite the idea that technology is always improving, the batteries that they’re containing remains the same. Most likely, you have at least one item powered by a rechargeable battery. If you find yourself looking for a power source more often than you normally want, then an external battery such as a power bank is something that you should consider adding to your daily necessities. With so many different options to choose from, we’ll show you what to look for and recommend you some of the best portable battery packs that are absolutely right for your gadgets.



How to choose a battery that’ll be perfect for your gadgets

Nowadays, Power banks are available in all shapes and sizes in the market. The key here is simply to choose one that gives you the extra power you need without taking up too much space. If you have a power bank, you won’t have to ask your friends and people for a charger anymore, because this portable smartphone life-saving power bank, you can use your devices a little more freely knowing that you can load them whenever you want. Well, here are key aspects to consider whenever choosing a portable external battery:

  • Make sure to pick an external-battery which is durable enough to handle tough situations.

    The most important part in looking for the perfect power bank is to make sure that it’ll last long enough for you to use it in the long run. Sometimes, out of nowhere, you’re inevitably prone that something might happen to your phone’s battery life, causing you to rely on your power banks, especially in dire situations. It’s always best to carry with you your external-battery supply and making sure that it’s working out fine. If you’re going to keep it somewhere safe like on your desk at work, plastic might be enough. But if you’re going to be carrying it around every day or taking it on some off-road adventure, a more durable power bank is probably the best option for you to take into consideration.

  • In choosing the perfect external-battery supply, make sure to pick one that suits your style on how you carry it. 

    Make sure to know your device before purchasing an external-battery supply, because there’ll be a point where you’ll decide on how will you use it. The next step is to think about how you’ll be carrying it. If you intend to put the external battery in your pocket, the slimmer the better. But if you have a briefcase or backpack that you’ll never leave at home, you can sacrifice thinness so that a larger battery can enjoy more capacity or additional features. It is about getting the perfect balance between functionality and design. Finding an external-battery with an infinite supply of energy does not necessarily mean it’s the right one for you.

  • Make sure that it’s compatible with your device. 

    Always double check if the external-battery pack which you’re planning to get is actually compatible with your device. In fact, you should also consider the matching connectors for your device, since there are two common connectors that you will have to come across, it’s either a Lightning connector for iOS devices or a micro USB connector.

So, after knowing the basics of searching a proper external-battery device, here are some few power banks that you might want to consider getting


1.) Xiaomi Battery

The first one is a $29,000 Xiaomi battery with 10,000 mAh. It is relatively small and pocket-sized due to its moderate capacity, but it also has the smallest selection of ports: just a USB Type-A and a USB Type-C.

2.) Anker Power Core+

Next up is the Anker Power Core+, a $285 power bank which supports a huge 26,800 mAh battery capacity. It’s fully recommended if you’re a regular video-gamer or a casual phone user.

3.) Razer Power Bank

One of the most convenient power banks out there in the market, the Razer Power Bank. Which is currently priced at $US150 (and still not yet available in Australia), costs almost double the next most expensive package. Beyond that, its 12,800 mAh capacity is the second smallest of the group and its choice of charging ports is limited, but it’s already enough to discharge more power to other devices.

4.) Powerstation 2X External-Battery

This one is probably one of the thinnest power banks out there. If you do not want to lose too much space in your pocket, this ultra-thin paper form factor is the way to go. With a thickness of 7.7 mm, it is a little thicker than the iPhone 6s but has a larger 4000 mAh battery and an integrated LED battery level indicator. Its elegant aluminum case fits the color of your choice perfectly.


Well, there you have it. Check the storage options, the capacity, and the port type on the next battery you buy. You need to make sure you are getting a battery suitable for the devices you want to recharge. After all, the most important thing is to choose the perfect ones for you that’ll fir your lifestlye and how you handle your devices and gadgets. Not only will you probably save some money, you’ll definitely end up saving some time too. 

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