The best travel apps to install on your phone

Whenever you’re on the go, you might need some helpful travel apps to make your travels easier than planned. Sometimes, one accessible app can make your travels a little bit less struggling. Go hassle-free with these “Top 10 travel apps” that you might want to install on your phones.

1.) TripIt


Having troubles with your previous travels? Well, planning your next trip wouldn’t cause you any hassle next time around with this easy-to-access app. Simply send confirmation emails from airlines, hotels, bus companies and more to TripIt and the application will immediately organize it in a single travel itinerary that you can see on your phone (or your computer). The service also facilitates the sharing of itineraries with friends, family and work colleagues.

2.) GateGuru


Feeling like you need to take a quick stop between flights, but don’t have that much time? Have you finished your book and need a new one for your next travel plan? Maybe you just want to find the nearest ATM, or just avoid the giant wall map of the airport terminal. Well, before you get off your first flight, get the layout of the airport lot with GateGuru. The app offers door-to-door listings of nearby restaurants, shops, and services that covers over 204 airports worldwide.

3.) Skype 


This is without a doubt, one of the best travel apps that you could download on your smartphones. Skype is globally known app that you can use calling, specifically used often for video-calls with just the use of public access to the internet. The Skype application for mobile phones allows you to make low-cost calls over the Internet instead of using your mobile phone which uses expensive international retail plan from the phone provider. Combine Skype with free Wi-Fi in the lobby or cafeteria of your choice, and you can call landlines or other mobile phones for a few cents and other Skype customers for free.

4.) HopStop


Accessing the newest destination for your next travel is easier with this accessible application for your smartphone, delivering a newer system of public transport. Just simply link your departure and arrival points to HopStop to find the best train or bus in the city you are visiting. The application is currently available for 16 cities, states and regions in the United States and in Europe, including New York, Long Island, San Francisco, and Paris.


5.) Tweetdeck


Would you like to receive some advice from your friends and followers on Twitter for a nice walk, a restaurant, a boutique hotel or a museum while traveling? Go to Tweetdeck, a customizable and easy-to-use Twitter client for mobile phones, and ask the Twitter masses. You’ll surely get loaded with answers that sets you up with “you have to try” and “do not lose it”. Don’t have a Twitter account yet? Consider registering for one. The exchange of travel information is one of the best reasons to join in the fun.
6.) Yelp

Stuck on the road while feeling hungry? Well, worry not. You can use Yelp to search for restaurants and stores by category or by search term. Yelp can use your phone’s GPS to serve nearby stores or you can search by zip code or city. Yes, you will have to take some of the reviews quite clearly, they are written by people for people and, of course, some of them are quite questionable, but it is a good place to start looking for quality stops in a new city for you.


7.) Hipstamatic



Your phone’s snapshots are good, but they could surely be more fantastic than ever. With Hipstamatic, your photographic taste during the trip will surely increase. The application filters digitally do what plastic cameras like Diana and Holga do with your pins: they make them look artistic. Light leaks and extravagant displays are part of the fun of its fantastic camera filters and functions.


8.) AutoStitch


Sometimes, whenever you’re on travel, you’ll keep seeing beautiful views and landscapes that you’ll think it’s worthy enough for a photo. That landscape in front of you is screaming for a panoramic photo, don’t you think? Capture 2 to 5 snapshots of any scene and AutoStitch will stitch them together digitally to create a panorama right there on your smartphone.
9.) iTalk Lite


The photos are beautiful, but what about a soundtrack to accompany those holiday memories? With iTalk, you can capture the sounds of your trip on your phone: bird calls, street sounds and your favorite scene of the day, because for sure, your travel might be as fun as ever. Don’t miss a single fun memory from your travels, instead save them while using the free iTalk Sync program, simply enabling you to download audio to your computer via Bluetooth.
10.) Google Translate


The language barrier should not be an obstacle to the practical Google translation application. You can translate 103 different languages simply by typing text into your phone. Of these, 59 can be downloaded to access even when you do not have a data connection and 38 can be translated by pointing the phone’s camera on a road sign or a dinner menu.

The camera function does not always offer perfect results, but it is often good enough to give it the essence.

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