How to avoid social medias in your phone?

Getting tired of browsing through your social media apps on your phones on a daily basis? Getting tired of watching posts from people that you don’t even like on social media? Having a hard time on what to do on your free time rather than tweeting or scrolling through facebook? Well, we’ve got a list of entertaining apps for you that might just help you spend your free time productively while having fun.

This list provides you with super essential apps, that are mainly focusing on genuinely useful, educational and edifying stuff that’ll help you spend your time with maximized fun learning and entertainment, plus they’re all FREE. You could be doing so much more rather than spending your time watching someone else’s tweets or posting a picture of your food on Instagram.

Well, here are our top choices for the best apps that’ll change your daily habits, switching your time from social media scrolling to fun learning apps.

1.) Educational game apps that will test your knowledge


Game apps? How about educational game apps that’ll give you a lot of learning while keeping yourself entertained? Well, there are a lot of free game applications that are available in the store for your OS, but most of the time, we tend to download games that are focused more on video-game schematics, how about trying educational game apps that’ll surely fire up your thirst for entertainment, now how’s that sound?

With apps like “The HQ Trivia” or “Trivia 360”, it is guaranteed that you’ll be learning a lot while having fun. The HQ Trivia app and the Trivia 360 app are both available for Android and iOS for free, so you can download them anytime.


2.) Read certain facts about the world

Have you ever wondered how the world was made? or how scientists created such conclusions of how the world was made? Have you ever tried wondering how famous philosophers and famous intellectual personalities created such theories that changed our history? Well, you could find out more about them by downloading several apps such as “Wikipedia” which is available for both Android and iOS.

You could even read some of the featured articles that tackle about the recent events that are happening globally, with apps like “Nuzzel” and “Flipboard” (Also available in Android and iOS) you can easily keep on track with the recent happenings in around the world.


3.) How about Meditating? 


Sometimes, too much scrolling through your social media apps can make your day very irritating. Seeing someone you don’t like post something that’s annoying can get your blood boiling in any minute. Well, with apps like “Headspace” for Android and iOS, can help you unwind a little bit, cooling you down before doing anything else. These types of apps offer a range of programs for your phone that’ll help you unwind and meditate.

You can also try other options such as “Calm” and “Mindfulness” for Android and iOS, which offers the same function, for its sole purpose is to help you meditate and get a clear head while relaxing, making you listen to relaxing music and short stories that’ll help you sleep well.


4.) How about trying Audiobooks


With Audiobooks, you’ll be able to hear stories differently while listening and focusing on the story while it’s being read to you instead. It’s a new way of listening to your all-time favorite stories, which completely defines your 5 minutes of relaxation.

Applications such as “Audible” for Android and iOS, that helps you with a variety of stories that costs up to $16.45 after a 30 day free trial. You could also try “iBooks” only available for iOS, and “Google Books” for Android, which also offers a whole variety of stories of audio narratives.


5.) Add some color with pigment

Love colouring? Well, these apps are surely made to entertain your colouring passion.
These apps are proven to be good for your health, for it promotes a relaxing vibe that’ll help you maintain a calm head whenever you’re on your spare time, and it also gives you that amount of blissful entertainment even for just 10 mins.

Apps such as “Pigment” and “Colorfy”, are both an adult colouring app which gives you some sketches that requires you to fill them up with the color of your choice, helping you develop your creativity while having fun. There’s also an available app only for iOS, such as “Lake Colouring Book” which offers artistic sketches from professional artists.


6.) See some artistic portraits with Google Arts & Culture


Sometimes, leaving your habit such as scrolling through your favorite social media apps decreases your chances of seeing posts of interesting images and some artistic pictures.
That’s where “Google Arts & Culture” app comes in, it’s available for Android and iOS.
It helps you view a collection of vintage paintings from art galleries and a glimpse of a masterpiece from your favorite artists.

You could also try the “Daily Art” app for Android and iOs, which offers free and paid-for options that completely suits your choice.


7.) Improve your physical health with these workout apps


Wanting to work out on your free/spare time? Well actually, you can. With these easy-to-go spot-on exercising apps that you can download, working out is as quick as spending your spare time while scrolling through social media. Some of these workouts may even take only 7-mins by using the app called “7-minute workout” for Android, which is already enough to keep you going in a day.

There are also apps called “Freeletics Bodyweight” for Android and iOs which offers quality, on-the-spot workout that’ll bring you sweat for only a couple of minutes. There’s also the “Daily Yoga” app which helps you meditate on your free time, giving your body that satisfaction after an urge to stretch out, and lastly, the “Healthy Spine and Straight Posture” app for Android which also guarantees a healthy progressive app program, definitely the top choices for workout apps, so choose whatever suits you best.

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