The best noise-canceling headphones 2018

Sound quality, better performance and a stylish design, everything that you’re looking for in a pair of headphones. Well, it’s time to introduce the best noise-canceling headphones for this year that features everything, from sound quality to its core performance. It’s totally worth the search, for noise pollution is everywhere, and if you’re trying to minimize as much noise as possible for that next long-distance flight, we’ll help you choose which headphones will do the trick. The first thing to keep in mind about noise-canceling headphones is that they first stop the noise and then play.

So, here’s our top list of the best noise canceling headphones on the market today

1.) Sony’s WH-1000Xm2


Sony had all the right ingredients in place with the MDR-1000X headphones. They have combined excellent sound quality via Bluetooth with a touch of comfort and state-of-the-art noise cancellation.

Combining excellent sound quality with the best noise cancellation, the new Sony WH- 1000XM2 here offers greater application control and allows automatic switching. This may be a little softer in the implementation, but this does not take away from an excellent pair of headphones.

Design & Comfort

Aesthetically, the WH-1000X closely resembles the MDR-1000X, but there are some obvious differences. The finishes have been slightly modified, with Champagne Gold replacing the original Beige. There is still a black option, but it is not the same.

Sense Engine and Personal NC Optimiser return and although the automatic calibration software emits test tones as before, you may notice a couple of extra strokes just before the setup process is finished.

This indicates that the integrated air pressure optimizer has done its job. A new feature for the WH-1000X is that Sony built a small pressure sensor in the left earpiece as well.

Noise Cancelling

The Sony WH- 1000XM2 is featured as the best noise canceling headphones in the market nowadays. When you’re using these fantastic headphones during a trip, It simply does not matter if you listen at ground level, but what if you’re traveling on a plane? The sensor detects changes in the atmosphere and applies a filter to compensate.

In practice, this means that you need to run the calibration software every time you reach the flight altitude and restart it once you are back on solid ground.

Look around the edge of the left earpiece and you’ll see that Sony has reduced the number of buttons so the Ambient Sound and Noise-Cancel functions can be controlled with just one button instead of two.

2.) Philips Fidelio NC1


When it comes to performance, the NC1s show a lot of bite and attack on their presentation, but they sound significantly smaller than most of its rivals in the market.

The presentation tends to lean towards the upper middle and the highs, with the low backward scale. This imbalance means that there is a lack of heat and body in the low end to balance the highs when pushing too hard, leaving the NC1 sounding a little tense.

Design & Comfort

With an even smaller and lighter design, the NC1 is a seriously portable headset, fundamental in this field and assisted by a foldable design.

However, perhaps a little odd for a pair of noise-canceling headphones, Philips opted for an ear-styled design for the NC1, instead of designing most of its competitors’ ears.

Noise Cancelling

The Philips Fidelio NC1 headphones are surprisingly good, but on a medium scale, based on its pure performance in terms of size and design.

Noise cancellation is surprisingly decent and you will certainly love how light and portable the trips are. However, they sound as small as they seem, while their sonic balance means that their sound may lack strength and warmth, leaving them somewhat detached.


3.) Bose QuietComfort 35


Bose has launched its latest range of QuietComfort headphones and this time they are wireless.

The Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones are noise canceling in the ear, like their predecessors, but this pair adds Bluetooth to listen wirelessly and NFC for easy Bluetooth pairing.

Bose says it uses a ‘personalized’ Bluetooth system to ensure a strong and consistent connection. There is no longer the AAA battery of its predecessor, the QuietComfort 25: now there is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery with a battery life of 20 hours.

Design & Comfort

If you prefer the in-ear approach, you’re lucky: Bose QuietControl 30 is a noise-canceling headset and also uses Bluetooth and NFC. Her party makeup, as well as being made in the form of a necklace at the neck, is the “controllable noise cancellation”. This allows you to adjust the amount of filtered noise if you do not want total silence.

The rechargeable Li-ion battery of QC 30 lasts about 10 hours.

Noise Cancelling

Bose is known for its extraordinary noise-canceling headphones. With the QC35, the company has increased its game and has become wireless.

While the effective “sound suction” noise cancellation remains, the QC35 also has improved features. It is adorned with Bluetooth and NFC and the AAA batteries are now off the menu, with a rechargeable battery that will last around 20 hours.

4.) Sennheiser PXC 550


The biggest strength of the PXC 550 is its high-quality sound. Other wireless noise canceling headphones may offer better user interface or better noise canceling technology, but ultimately none of the above matches the sound quality of these Sennheisers.

Design & Comfort

These Sennheisers are considered “fruity” due to their unique design and sound quality. It has an extra thick cushioning in the center and silver metal details on each end, the band is banana-shaped, while the oval earflaps are like larger pear drops.

Ergonomically, it is obvious to dampen the weight of the PXC 550 Wireless 227g and cover your ears so that the headphones fit your ear.

Despite all the technology enclosed in the cups, they are surprisingly elegant. Its elegant classic matte black finish seems perfect to sit on the head of Sennheiser’s target audience.

Noise Cancelling

The thick leather pads fit your ears, snug, not too oppressive, and does a really good job of blocking out external noise.

This level of isolation, the “solo time” promised by manufacturers, is increased by two levels of the NoiseGard Hybrid active noise cancellation technology.

Activated by a switch on top of the Bluetooth pairing button, it is also used to select ‘club’, ‘movie’ or ‘spoken’ sound modes, even if we leave them behind for music playback.

Most of these noise-canceling headphones are famously sold in the digital market today, together with other competing companies in the sound production industry. So, if you’re looking for one today, this quick guide will be very useful with the help of this much-assured quality review.



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