iOS 11 Update: Latest version, Problems, Fixes, Features, Compatibility.

Ever since Apple officially released the latest update of iOS 11, thousands of Apple fans around the world are updating their devices to this new version. While many users have good things to say about it, there are also many users who face iOS 11 update issues.


It’s true that many are facing different types of problems regarding the process of updating any version of iOS, but there are also some various fixes to these types of technicality problems. In this post, we’ll familiarize you with various update issues you may encounter with iOS 11 and how to fix them.

Let’s start first with a little background about the latest iOS update

What’s the latest version of iOS?


iOS 11.2.2

The iOS 11.2.2, is basically the seventh update to the iOS 11. It features a lot of new security updates and other functional features. It’s highly essential to upgrade to this version, but it’s also quite controversial since many users have been experiencing problems such as ‘extreme performance slowdowns’ which led the Apple company to experience a lot of pressure and complaints from their very own customers.

Some of the upgraded features from the iOS 11.2 are quite functional and working correctly, such as enabling Siri to read news summaries. In the UK, the news will be provided by the BBC podcasts, Sky News or LBC. While in the United States the news is provided by NPR, Fox News, CNN or The Washington Post. In any case, you can always select your favorite news channel. To invoke the function, you must say “Hey Siri” or ask Siri for news when using CarPlay or headphones.

Now, let’s go down to the most common issues/problems regarding with the installation of the iOS 11 and its latest versions, together with some accurate fixes and solutions that will help you get through them.

1.) Software failing to update

This is one of the most common problems that users face when updating their devices on iOS 11. There may be many reasons to get this error. First, check if your device is compatible with iOS 11 or less (for example, you can’t update your iPhone 5 to iOS 11).

Chances are, the Apple server is most likely to be busy, and this is the reason why most users are experiencing connectivity issues upon updating. All you have to do is make sure you have a stable Internet connection and try updating your iOS version once again.

2.) Your device usually gets stuck upon downloading iOS 11

Even after you have a stable Internet connection, it is likely that your device will simply hang when you download iOS 11 updates. To fix this, you need to manually remove the iOS 11 profile on your system and download it again from the Apple Development Center.

To do this, go to Settings for your phone> General> Profile and choose to manually delete the iOS 11 update profile.

3.) Getting stuck on verifying the update

This is one of the most common iOS 11 update issues, which many users have recently faced. In this, even after downloading the new update, the screen freezes in the message “Verifying the update”, and it’s frankly quite annoying for some users who dedicated much of their time to update.

To solve this problem, it is necessary to force the phone to restart. Then simply delete the existing profile and download it again from the Apple Development Center.

4.) Overheating

One of the most common iOS 11 update issues that may occur on your device as well. When installing the new update, you may receive a message like this, indicating that it can not continue due to overheating of the device.

Unfortunately, there is no quick solution for this. You need to wait a while before the device cools down. You can choose to restore it or disable it and try again to download the update once it has cooled down.

5.) Insufficient space for Download

Apparently, if you do not have enough free space on your iOS device when installing iOS 11, you may receive this error. It has an easy solution. You can always tap the “Allow removal of application” button and manually delete some data. Also, you can cancel the download and free space on your iPhone for iOS 11 installation.

It’s also recommended before installing any iOS updates, that you back up your files to ensure that you’ll be keeping them for further use after any updates.

6.) Fast Battery Drainage 

Low battery issues is a common problem with installing the latest iOS update. Many users have already been complaining about this. Needless to say, if the phone does not cost at least 60%, it is possible to interrupt the installation in between. Even after installing iOS 11, some users complain that they quickly discharge the device battery.

First of all, make sure your phone is sufficiently charged before starting the installation of iOS 11. If the battery is running down, simply restart your phone to solve the problem.

8.) Reboot Loops

In some cases, after successfully installing the new version of iOS 11, the iPhone continues to reboot. To stop this restart cycle, it is necessary to force the phone to restart. You can do this by pressing the Start + Power button (for iPhone 6 and previous generations) and the Volume Down + Power button (for iPhone 7 / 7Plus) for at least 10 seconds at the same time.

9.) Your phone slows down

You might be experiencing this kind of problem right now after installing the latest iOS 11.2 update successfully. You might be thinking why, when you are basically updating your device to make it faster, yet it slows down dramatically instead. Well, this issue lies within Apple, for they have admitted to purposely slow down your phone as it ages.

This problem has got to do with battery issues, slowing your phone down as you install newer updates to your device.


To fix this problem, Apple is now offering a battery replacement for $29 for a year, in order to compensate for the damages that they have caused to many users.


The following devices are compatible with iOS 11: iPhone 5S, 6, 6 Plus, 6S, 6S Plus, SE, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X. 5th generation iPad Air, Air 2 and iPad. iPad Mini 2, 3 and 4.

Lastly, if you’d like to put some protective cases on your device, check out these protective covers that’ll fit your phone perfectly.




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