How to enjoy this year’s Australian Day Celebration!


It’s only a few days away before Jan 26, which is remarked as Australia’s National Day, and frankly, it’s quite a huge celebration for Australians, but there’s more to that which makes it a very special day to celebrate this year, and if you’re lucky enough to be in Australia for the country’s favorite public holiday, then you should be able to experience a lot more than just fun for this very special day.

So, here’s everything that you need to know about Australia Day.

What is Australia Day?  

Each year, on the 26th of January, Australians gather to celebrate their national day, reflecting the diversity and achievements of the nation, as well as its past and its future. It’s mainly a celebration of the nation’s pride and its achievements throughout the past years. It’s a day when communities all over the country gather in parties, fireworks, and celebrations.

Also, this year’s holiday is marked by the presentation of Australian of the Year Awards during Australia Day’s Eve this coming January 25, followed by the Australia Day’s Honours List, and lastly, the phenomenal speeches from the Governor-General and the Prime Minister.

What is Australia Day Commemorating?

Australia Day is the anniversary of the arrival of the first fleet of 11 convicted ships sent by Britain. On this day, in 1788, Captain Arthur Phillip lifted the Union Jack to Sydney Cove to signal his arrival.

The celebration has evolved and today people tend to celebrate the diverse society of Australia, its national history and the festivities of the community.

And, if you’re all set and ready to be in Australia to celebrate and experience this event, Well, here’s a list of the Main Events for this year’s holiday celebration that you need to know.

Australia Day Parade

Every year, the parade welcomes thousands of people in a sea of colors, crossing Princess Bridge and Kings Domain. The parade celebrates the different cultural communities in Melbourne. If you take the parade, be sure to check the salute of 21 weapons in the Shrine of memory on the corner of St. Kilda and Dominio Road at noon.

A huge array of fireworks display

Every Australia Day celebration, there’s always a huge display of fireworks and it’s quite amazing to experience one. Also, while you’re at it, take a ride on the ‘Melbourne Eye’, experience some performances by top Australian performers and artists, and of course, a live DJ. There will be an Australian sausage Sizzle, face painting booths, walks, rides, abseiling walls and of course, lots of fireworks.

Open Tennis events 

If you’re on a budget, you’ll want to buy a Ground Pass to the Australian Open in Australia Day. Ground Passes will cost you between $25 and $55 and will allow you to enter the smaller arenas, the Beer Garden and throughout the Australian open site. Although Ground Pass tickets do not allow you to access the main courses, you can see them on the big screen and the atmosphere is excellent.

However, if you’re on a super tight budget, feel free and enjoy the view at the Federation Square to see the Australian Open action on the big screen. The bars around Federation Square will be full so you might want to check in early.

Hitting up the beach

If you want to enjoy and experience the beach for this holiday, then hitting up Sydney’s beaches are the places to be for this Australia Day. It’s the perfect place to tan up, and enjoy the warmth of the sun, toss some beer and light up some barbecues and just enjoy the perfect view from the beach. It’s also fun to enjoy the beach at this moment for there are lots of parties & celebrations going on in the vicinity, so you’ll be able to enjoy every single bit of time that you will spend.

Or, visiting the famous Garden areas in Sydney

It’s always best to hit Sydney’s remarkable garden areas and enjoy social things such as going on a picnic, chilling and so much more, all for this upcoming Australia Day. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Pyrmont and Macquaries Point are excellent places to see the fireworks and relax in the gardens during the day. Get an esky, rug, and nibbles while enjoying the sunshine in these magnificent garden areas.

Or you could just swing by Sydney’s Harbour to enjoy Australia Day’s other events

One of the best places to visit on Sydney, especially during this special day for Australia, is Sydney’s famous Opera House, and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The port will host a lot of events, bars & parties, as well as a series of boat races: the entire port will host very tall ships, Ferrython, parades and Australia Day Regatta!

Also, During Australia Day’s Eve, the celebration continues

You can enjoy by visiting Music Festivals, Markets & Live bands for Free

Free passes are given for everyone to enjoy any event during Australia Day’s eve. Located just a short 5-minute walk from the Sydney Base, Darling Harbor will host a fantastic day of Australia Day’s free celebrations, including a fireworks display, live music from the Australian Sneaky Sound System at Cockle Bay, live music, park games, roaming artists and many free and interactive exhibitions.

You can enjoy most of these events anywhere in Australia because to tell you, these are just some of the main events held, and there’s so much more! So if you’re in Australia to celebrate this event, then it’s best that you pick out the best possible location for you to enjoy.

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