The Top 5 Technology Books of All Time

The digital reign is currently evolving as technology tends to develop from time to time. Technology is gradually moving forward but it couldn’t prevail without the help of some extraordinary people with such brilliant minds to portray or define the means of technology and its capacity. As we are reaching forward to our desires with the help of technology, we always tend to construct different upbringings to what technology can possibly provide for us in the future, resulting to a deluge of different ideas and conclusions that roam around in the middle state of our current era.

These ideas come to life to every reader’s aspect, as books and other forms of literature are created to define different aspects of technology. Some books about technology are written to define the rise of the technology itself in the future, and some are written by famous tech-giants & geniuses to fully define their own perspectives about the digital era and their own experiences. Well, here’s a list of five of the few famous books about technology that fully inspired even the most powerful, leading tech-pioneers of our generation.

Top 5 Technology Books of All Time

1.) The Innovator’s Dilemma – A book by Clayton Christensen (1997). innovators-dilemma.jpg
This book was created by an aspiring Harvard Business School professor who fully wants to discover and express why some of the greatest companies in the world would fall and fail because of the introduction of new technology. This has led an array of dilemma caused by technology, leaving the failure of most of the big companies all around the world.

Clayton Christensen, the founder of this book was taken by the idea that everytime a single customer asks for a new update about the products that they consume from a certain company, the company itself has the possibility of failing, and it increases by the time the company tends to adjust or bend to the customer’s will, resulting to subtle, complex situations and product confusion, or even worse, company failure. Clayton has already been aware of this idea, finding that most companies tend to be afraid to make a change to their ideas, resulting for them to be disrupted instead.

The writer wants to fully express their own ways to defeat this kind of dilemma, by focusing on business strategies to heighten up the game plan for each company, by routinely improving the quality of their products without ever breaking the foundation of each one. It’s a very interesting book to read, and it deserves to be on the top spot for it fully expresses the dangers ahead by progressing too much without knowing the valid importance of technology, totally worth reading.

2.) The New New Thing: A Silicon Valley Story written by Michael Lewis (2001).
This is an epic story of how some young extraordinary technology geniuses became the first ever billionaires in the southern valley of San Fransisco.  the-new-new-thing.jpg

It’s an inspiring technology related book that talks about the risks and the ventures that these young talented people, namely, Jim Clark as the founder of Silicon Graphics, Netscape and Healtheon, also Michael Lewis, the author of Liar’s Poker and also the writer of this book, and lastly, Jim Clark, a technology pioneer and a brilliant graphics expert who became one of the most important and the most successful technology entrepreneur of the 1990’s.

This book is without a doubt a very interesting book to read because it follows the path of these young men to achieve and develop one of the leading business technology landmarks of this era, home to various high-tech companies or related capital firms, that has inspired thousands of aspiring technology entrepreneurs of today, the Silicon Valley.

3.) The Facebook effect: The inside story of the company that connected the whole world, written by David Kirkpatrick in (2010). This is the story which began with a brilliant idea of connecting people through the social network by a tech-genius named Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. the-facebook-effect.jpg

This storyline follows Mark as he founded Facebook and later on faces different enormous consequences made by seemingly small decisions, such as turning down a billion dollar deal, when Yahoo decided to offer $1 billion to buy his company.

Overall, this is a very intriguing book to read for it features the detailed facts about Facebook’s rise, the up and down’s of the company, and effect of Facebook on social media and on the public. If you’re looking for an interesting book to spice up your interest in how one of the most famous social networking sites have suddenly taken up a throne in the digital social empire of today, this might be the book that you could add up to your list.

4.) The Search: The story of the most famous search giant in our history that changed our culture forever, Google. Written by John Battelle (2005). the-search.jpg

Everything in this book started out from an idea of making the web more functional by introducing a search bar that could change the way we search for things, in fact, almost everything that we want to search for. This brilliant idea was founded by two tech-geniuses, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, who later on became the founders of one of the most important companies in the world, Google.

As the way we see it, this book serves as an inspiration to those who are aspiring to be one of the key players in the digital world, knowing how struggling it is for the Google company to make it to the top of the competition, jumping through different big players in the search bar industry such as Yahoo, Alta Vista, Excite, Lycos, and others. It’s a struggling measure of sacrifice and some major key points that changed the game, such as the “database of intentions” that made a big impact on the tech world. If you want to know more about Google’s origins, take time to read this amazing book.

5.) Inside Intel: The story of how Andy Grove, the CEO, and the leading pioneer of the most powerful chip that we have known until today, Intel. inside-intel.jpg

This follows the life of Andy Grove that was led by his own perspective of technology and hard-earned wisdom that helped changed our lives to the way we look at technology. The most powerful chip that is consumed by almost every computer that we are using until today, was founded by Grove’s company as the largest chip maker in the world. The struggles that Grove has experienced weren’t that easy, for he always had people who hated him, despite living in a world full of competition, this, however, paved the way and gave rise to his company, which has reigned over in the tech-industry for a very long time.

Although Grove didn’t actually cooperate in the making of the book, it was skewed towards the stories about him that are related to the people that revolved around his company’s reign. This book is very interesting to read especially if you want to know more about the origins of Intel, the largest chip making company of the world, and to also know the business life of Andy Grove, the former CEO and chairman of the company. This book is a good addition to your collection, the idea of the story is very interesting and innovative, definitely an all-time reader’s digest.

Apparently, there are a lot of books in the world today that paved the way for technology to change our lives forever, and these are just some of the few books that projected the ideas of the brilliant minds who pioneered the rise of the most important components of the technology of today. Enjoy reading!

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