Kindle over books



Some people have their own ways of reading a book. Some might probably read through an actual paperback book while enjoying their spare time, but some people would rather prefer reading through an online text. Either way, it’s still a debatable matter from which platform is better, especially in the case of reading.

Apparently, as technology evolves, many writers are already able to spread a copy of their work through an electronic device called “e-books”.

That’s why kindle was introduced. Over the years of innovative thinking, Kindle was discovered by Amazon, mainly, to appease the readers by giving them a chance to stack up their favorite books into one device, giving them a chance to read their all-time favorite books without hassle.

Kindle is very functional and utility-wise for the users. If you’re on the verge of reading through series of books, Kindle helps you by relieving you from the hassle that there is whenever you’re stacking up a lot of books just to read every single one of them.


It’s meant to support e-readers through out the whole duration of the day while reading without the feeling of struggle, because it’s easy to use, and It is even more convenient today thanks to its evolving state of utility.

While some would still prefer reading through an actual paperback book, some would prefer by reading through kindle. This is a subject that may never end; both of these reading materials has its advantages. Although we grew up reading pocket books and few are still proud of them, many others have already switched to the Kindle.
 Well, here’s some reasons why they’re switching to Kindle:

1.) It helps you gather all your favorite books into one
If you are an avid reader who leaves the library with books stacked up to the chin, Kindle is for you. Kindle helps you carry thousands of books at a time. Through the use of Kindle, importing all of your favorite books would be so much more efficient because it’s easy and convenient.

You would not regret leaving your book at home because it’s too thick and bulky, unlike kindle, it’s more convenient and slim so you can literally carry it or store it in your bag without any hassle all the way too.

You could probably spend an entire day reading through your favorite sci-fi stories or fiction novels, or any good book story on the block without the trouble of switching through your collection books.


2.) It gives you more personal space, since it’ll be yours only to read

For book lovers, one of the main problems is that they forget who lent their books. It’s hard to remember from a library of hundreds of books. Kindle, however, becomes your own personal library, without having the struggle of returning or borrowing from another just to read your favorite book.



3.) You can share what you are reading

Through the use of an Amazon account, it allows you to share what you are reading. Kindle allows you to merge two different adult accounts and four different child profiles into one. It’s probably one of the most incredible features from this device, because you’ll be able to have fun with your family and friends through sharing your thoughts and ideas by giving them a glimpse of what you are currently reading.

4.) You can order or purchase any book, anytime

When you finish reading a book, Kindle lets you have the option of ordering another one online, even at midnight or waiting for a flight. It’s a credible fact that kindle makes every book-lovers life easy and convenient. This also saves you a lot of time and effort to buy one in a bookstore, sparing you from the hassle.


5.) You can adjust the brightness, if you’re reading in the dark


If you are sleepless and like to read at night, Kindle should be your best friend. Sleeping while lying yourself in the bed at night could be a little hassle, especially if you’re lacking the proper shade of light. But with Kindle’s adjustable brightness, it’s the perfect thing if you are trying to balance the brightness while reading your favorite book through the night.

You can probably read under the sheets without disturbing anyone beside you. You can read it in complete darkness due to the light produced by Paperwhite.

6.) It has its own built-in dictionary

If you’re having trouble finding the proper definition for that specific word that you’ve read about while reading your all-time favorite book, well, Kindle has the solution for that, because it has its own built-in dictionary.


You can pretty much explore the definitions of those words, through this handy built-in dictionary that Kindle has for you. All you have to do is press the word, and for a few seconds, the definition pops up, that easy.


7.) Classic Books are for Free

Everyone loves freebies, especially free books. The best part about owning a Kindle is that all the classics in the book-section are free on the Kindle. If you are a lover of the classics, this is definitely the right time to have a Kindle by your side.


8.) You can easily download the following series from all your favorite books

If you are reading a series, then it is undoubtedly inevitable to look for the next book. For a paperback book, you’ll need to be patient enough to go to the bookstore and grab the next one. For Kindle, you can immediately download the following series from the book that you’ve been reading, so you can instantly cope up to your favorite series with ease.


9.) No more hassle of wear-and-tear

Even if you keep your books with great care, the pages of books fade over time. There is even a risk that your books might get wet and are also prone to termite problems. With Kindle, you won’t be facing these types of problems. A friendly reminder though, as a normal user of high-tech devices, you must also know how to take care of your own device, not all devices are perfect.


Not everyone is enticed about the idea of replacing the traditional books with Kindle, although most of the book-readers have already switched to this because of the benefits of having it without having the daily struggles of an avid book reader. It’s always important to know the importance of your own benefit, it also applies through reading. So, why not give Kindle a try, and experience a whole new way of reading.


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