Waterproof Accessories: for your Smartphones/iPads/Cameras during any season of the year

Let’s say you’re going for a swim, but you can’t help but take pictures of every adventurous and fun moment that you’ll encounter every step of the way, this includes the urge to bring your mobile devices and other gadgets underwater. While it is true that a number of flagships are waterproof these days, including the iPhone, there are still a number of models that have not adopted this trend, including solid devices like the Google Pixel. If your phone is not water resistant, it means that if you end up accidentally exposing it to water, you may not be lucky.

The best way to protect your phones, iPads, and cameras from water damage is to take precautions and keep your devices safe. So, if you really need to go to those selfies sessions under water and to post the best picture of your adventure in the social media, might it be swimming or any occasion, then your best option is to look for a waterproof case, and any other related accessory.

So here are some of the top accessories that you might need for that underwater expedition:
Waterproof Smartphone Cases

These bags will keep your phone well protected inside what looks like a plastic bag. Yes, they are not that quite appealing at some point, but they will do the job better than anything else. What’s even better is that you can use the phone while you’re underwater. They are transparent, so you can use the touchscreen and even take pictures underwater.

Here’s an example of a Waterproof Smartphone Case,

The AquaPac iPhone 6 Case




One of the leading Waterproof, submersible phone cases in the market.
Also, perfect for the Samsung Galaxy Note.

What’s so special about this AquaPac iPhone 6 case?

  • You can talk and listen without problems
  • and you get fantastic photos and videos
  • and his touchscreen will work normally
  • It is not only 100% water resistant: it will protect your phone from dust, dirt and sand.
  • You do not necessarily need to buy a new one when you update the phone, as it is a generic case rather than a fitted type case (unlike a hard case, not suitable for a specific device).

Now for your iPads/Tablets, here’s also an example:

The iPad / Tablet Waterproof Case by AquaPac

Perfect protection for your iPad when in wet environments.
This AquaPac iPad case protects your iPad when using it outdoors.

What are the special features of this AquaPac iPad case?

  • This iPad AquaPac case is designed specifically for your iPad, allowing you to use your iPad when you’re outdoors and you do not have to worry about splashes or rain coming into contact with your iPad. Use your iPad safely in the bathroom, boat or pool.
  • The full functionality of your iPad is not a problem, for you can access it through the transparent screen.
  • When the device needs to be connected to a power source, the iPad must be removed from the protective case.
  • It works well even with other tablet devices.

What size do I need?

  • Designed to fit all iPads, old and even the latest version.


  • Connect your headphones to the nickel-plated 3.5mm jack and watch movies loudly without disturbing the people around you.
  • Get HD video through optically clear LENZFLEX windows, both front and back.
  • The screen works normally through the special TPU material.
  • It comes with a shoulder strap and a desiccant to absorb condensation in humid climates.
  • The seams are welded at high frequency to form a super strong bond.
  • AquaClip (a patented, ultra-safe and corrosion-resistant injection-molded plastic seal) opens and closes with a simple three-lever rotation, and everything remains in one piece even when open.


For your Cameras, here’s another example:

The waterproof DSLR camera case by AquaPac

Fits most consumer DSLRs.
Use your camera safely at the beach, on the boat, or in the pool. Even in underwater.

What’s special about this?

  • It allows you to take pictures when you’re really wet. And yes, even underwater!
  • Do not rely only on our words … click here to see live photos of customers on Flickr
  • Features a sturdy acrylic lens for high-quality photos and added protection
  • Resistant to sand and water, you can safely carry your camera on the beach (the sand also destroys more cameras than water)
  • It comes with 3 desiccant bags to absorb condensation in humid climates.


Is it the right size for my camera?

  • Your zoom lens should have a diameter of less than 80 mm / 3.1 inches to fit
  • Canon 1D, Canon 5D MkII, and Canon 7D MkII DO NOT adapt. The Nikon D3 DOES NOT fit. Nikon D300S and D7000 are regulated

Or you could try this Waterproof Camera Case by Outex

The Outex All-purpose Waterproof Camera Case

A robust all-purpose water and weather coverage for your camera.

Underwater cameras for underwater cameras can be adapted to any configuration with the consumer’s camera or DSLR equipment to shoot in water, wind, rain, mud, snow, and paint. It is a modular system that wraps the camera with an impermeable seal keeping all control, tactile sensation and photographic integrity. It’s modular, so it grows easily with your new equipment and needs.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one Waterproof Case that is fit for all of your small-sized gadgets and accessories, you might want to check this out:

The Whanganui Waterproof Case from AquaPac

Want to go on an expedition, but keeping all your valuable stuff dry and in one place?Stuff all the important things you need into this Whanganui to keep them safe and dry.

What makes this Waterproof case special?

The AquaPac Whanganui waterproof case helps keep your vital travel components dry, safe and protected at all times.

  • Whanganui waterproof cases are very practical because they carry all the precious things and keep them dry. Tie the bag to something safe or put it in your backpack and ready to ship.
  • Ideal for protecting immobilizers, keys, credit cards, cash and keeping asthma inhalers safe in all weather conditions
  • The UV-stabilized TPU material does not decompose or fade with sunlight
  • Guaranteed submersible at 15 feet / 5 meters and keeps dust and sand away
  • Will float safely if dropped into water
  • An adjustable neck lanyard so you can hang it or tie it anywhere

And finally, to store all of these items in one Bag, here’s an example:

The OverBoard Dry Tube

Keep water, sand, and dirt away from your precious objects with the OverBoard Dry Tube bag, the perfect solution to keep your clothes and valuables dry.

Thanks to the welded seams and the faithful sealing system Fold Fold Overboard, this dry tube bag is 100% waterproof, it is suitable for a fast dive and floats even when dropped into water.
Made of PVC coated nylon canvas, this Dry Tube bag is built to last and is easy to clean, which means it can last a while. You can keep it with the sturdy handle or hang it on the shoulder with the removable shoulder strap: the choice is yours.

It also features:

  • Dry bag 100% waterproof (class 3)
  • Float safely if dropped into water
  • Suitable for a quick dive
  • Protects the contents of dust, sand, dirt and water
  • High frequency welded seams
  • Made of PVC tarpaulin with 600D nylon coating
  • Durable, clean and easy to store
  • Multi-purpose storage application
  • Top carrying handle for portability
  • Durable and durable materials for rough use

Now if you’re looking for more Waterproof cases, you could always go and look online for affordable submersible cases for your favorite mobile devices, but always remember to make sure to find the perfect fit for your device & gadgets and the perfect case that suits you for any season of the year.

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