Foldable Samsung phone in 2018

Foldable Samsung phone in 2018

Have you heard about the newest project from Samsung? If you haven’t, then you should know that Samsung is about to build yet another contender to match up with Apple’s iPhone X, they’re building, the Samsung Galaxy X. For the company is already on the move and the fact that It’s already confirmed to be released later in 2018, they’re still keeping it a strange artifact yet for the world to see.

Samsung Galaxy X is said to be the very first foldable smartphone build the company itself. They’re designing a phone that is completely different, a smartphone that could feature lots of stuff that still remains a strange mystery for everyone.

Foldable Samsung phone in 2018

Everyone wants a big screen on their smartphone, but nobody wants to complete it.
It is the daily paradox of some smartphone users that makes us almost as crazy as the battery vs. battery size. screens now introduced to save the day.

For one thing, the Samsung Galaxy X folds, but does not make it “folding” like your old flip phones. There was a separate voice that Samsung currently has working on a different folding device (without folding screen) would have a folding hinge like a laptop, which allows two AMOLED screens to rest one on top of the other.

Now, the overall design of the Samsung Galaxy X may have the same design as previous versions of Galaxy that we are all used to, but it is not known what could change because of the latest addition to having a folding screen.

Apparently, due to its design complications, Apple has apparently filed a patent for smartphones that can be seen as a direct response to the Galaxy X.

This will create a great battle in the future folding niche of smartphones in the coming years, undoubtedly turning it into a battle of the largest smartphone companies on the market.

The latest Galaxy X is likely to take advantage of biometric technologies for its security, including the usual fingerprint scanner plus facial and eye recognition, and fingerprint & palm scanning. According to tech specialists, the camera button and fingerprint sensor placement would also really affect the look of the device. The overall shape will obviously change, and rounded edges could make the device more ergonomic, both when folded and when open.


Foldable Samsung phone in 2018

Apparently, folding smartphones are expected to become a telephone product in the future. There are multiple potential benefits for one, such as screen sharing, from its tablet-like functionality to its potential use. A Samsung Galaxy foldable phone, in addition to the previous Galaxy series, would have drawn the public’s attention to this design in style, but it is not known if the audience will gravitate towards those devices.

One simple idea is that a phone with a folding screen can have a duplicated screen function when it is fully opened, but it maintains a very typical smartphone size when it is folded since it is literally not possible to increase its size when folded. Apparently, the model has a typical smartphone size, which can be folded in half, which makes it more compact, especially when not in use.

Topping it up, Samsung’s currently developing a folding display with a 1.0R curvature, meaning it can be folded fully over onto itself like a piece of paper which literally describes its newest features. What kind of actual design the Samsung Galaxy X may have is still unclear, though.

A completely challenging design

Foldable Samsung phone in 2018

Well, the development of a screen that can be folded correctly is literally very challenging, and Samsung has therefore invested a significant amount of time and money in the creation of flexible OLED displays for the smartphone. All of this has undoubtedly been a great company for the Korean company, it is remarkable that Samsung has been particularly associated with an exceptional display technology, which probably makes sense because this company had this kind of idea when it developed its Galaxy smartphone series.

Samsung also achieved a significant advantage, knowing that the subsidiary Samsung Display is the world’s leading manufacturer of smartphone-sized OLED panels. This will give the Samsung Galaxy X an advantage in the bending market, even if Apple has also patented a similar technology.

Latest specs that you should look out for

The Galaxy X is likely to feature reduced specs in comparison to the Galaxy S8 and Note 8, its previous predecessors. The most unique feature from this handset will undoubtedly be its foldable screen which is highlighted earlier.

Samsung has been associated with exceptional display technology, among other things because it is a leader in the television market. Therefore, the screen of the Galaxy X will undoubtedly be critical to its success or not, since, in fact, it is practically the case of all smartphones on the market. Apple has recognized the importance of immersive technology with its recent launch of the iPhone X, and it is clear that the importance of producing impressive screens is becoming increasingly critical and more difficult.

The introduction of dual-cameras has been strongly linked with the Samsung Galaxy X, which would certainly be a natural move after this technology was previously included in the Galaxy Note range earlier this year. It is also possible that the Snapdragon 836 will appear in the Samsung Galaxy X, for having quite the amount of probability that it has currently by referring to its previous versions.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy X may enter a market which is imminently flooded with similar devices in the future, clearly stating that the digital market could possibly be filled with lots of foldable phones years from now.

This phenomenon could be the reason why Samsung is not as advanced in the competition as one could imagine with the Galaxy X, its latest instalment, and that this folding smartphone will soon become part of a unique niche in the mobile market warfare.

Well, so much for the smartphone, it will be interesting to see whether the Samsung Galaxy X does indeed emerge in the digital market in 2018.

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Foldable Samsung phone in 2018          Foldable Samsung phone in 2018

Foldable Samsung phone in 2018          Foldable Samsung phone in 2018

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