What can a tablet do that a smartphone can_t

What can a tablet do that a smartphone can’t?

When smartphones took a huge hit in the market a couple of years ago, tablets have become more of a decoration, left aside to rot in the corners of your desk, and for some people, they’d just basically throw it away. Apparently, tablets didn’t actually hit rock bottom, they still happen to survive even when others think that the war between tablets vs. smartphones was already decided, striking smartphones as the Top Gun in the modern-day gadget warfare. Variety of people all across the globe is still using tablets as their current day-to-day gadget, maybe a small fraction out of all these people are your day-to-day colleagues at work, or maybe, your friends, classmates or some of your relatives that you know are still using these tablets as their means of communication, entertainment and other important stuff that they’d do every single day.

So, what is actually the reason why people are still latching on to tablets? Rather than buying expensive smartphones with faster features that makes it delicately popular to the market, why do some people, still feel the urge to grab one of these dusted-off devices? Let’s take a look at some of its unique features, what can tablets do, that a smartphone can’t:

Tablets are much better when used for working, rather than using your average smartphones.

What can a tablet do that a smartphone can’t?

Here’s why, tablets are much wider, which makes it thoroughly precise for working. With a much louder screen capacity, you can even literally see the tiny pieces of pixels in every article rather than using that tiny screen from your normal smartphone. Although chances are, some of the newer versions of smartphones feature a high-quality depth of zooming, you still can’t beat the pioneer of wider screen capacities for mobile devices.

The wider the screen, the more accurate your work will be. Aside from the wideness of the screen, it’s also the best device for work because of it’s high-quality screen render capabilities, or in short, “Better Display Quality”, taking pictures and other multimedia images, much more clear and visible for the eyes, but of course, with the help of its built-in widescreen capacity, it’s all possible. That’s already one point against smartphones.

Tablets are much capable of doing plenty of work, simply Multi-tasking, because of its long battery life.

What can a tablet do that a smartphone can’t?

Running a couple of apps on your phone may drain its battery a little bit faster. Leaving your work to end up dead on the spot, especially when you have no backup source of battery lying around the corner. Battery problems are one of the main issues when it comes to high-end smartphones, but apparently, it’s not for Tablets. Tablets tend to live more because of its long-range battery life feature, making it perfect for doing work and at the same time, opening up additional apps to fill up your entertainment level.

Games and music apps on the other hand, tend to burn more battery, especially when used for a long duration, leaving smartphone users to buy an additional backup battery device for their own safety countermeasures, although these additional features aren’t that additionally necessary at all for tablet users, because tablets can pretty much sum up its battery usage quite more sustainably, when used in Gaming + Music, for it’s running on the same pace as a computer. Yes, tablets are pretty much like computers, because some tablets run the same operating system which is similarly found in some computers, which pretty much sums up why they’re much faster than a normal smartphone, and this feature itself shows why some people tend to prefer working with a tablet rather than using smartphones. Also, a tablet doesn’t burn up more battery like an average laptop, which makes it quite unique from all the other devices out there in the market. Now that’s another score for the Tablet.

Tablets are actually less expensive, compared to smartphones.

What can a tablet do that a smartphone can’t?

Every year, new phones are introduced in the market, with higher-specs and new improvements. This means that literally every time a company releases a new high-tech phone, the price gets ridiculously high too. On the contrary, some of these high-spec phones commonly have the same specs with a Tablet, and what makes it even better, Tablet’s costs less, making it more convenient for Gadget users and tech-geeks who are currently looking for portable devices with high-end user interface capabilities, that can still pretty much compete in the dazzling market of new smartphones.

The multi-media experience on a tablet is a whole ‘another’ level.

What can a tablet do that a smartphone can’t?

To top all of the features of a normal tablet, the multimedia section is probably the best that it has to offer. With a large screen, better display, better graphics resolution, a tablet can probably go up to a 1080p full HD when watching a typical YouTube video. No, there is no exaggerating, because it’s all totally possible. That’s a thing that some normal smartphones can’t do for they’re not capable enough to handle such awesomeness.

What probably makes tablets more awesome is when it’s used for gaming, like mentioned earlier, the specs of a normal tablet can probably go up to par with a normal PC. Making it suitable for gameplay and other multimedia apps that sync into the tablet’s full potential. Aside from its Badass graphics performance, the Audio-device inside a tablet is also inevitably precise and crystal clear. Of course, in a battle between smartphones & tablets, this is one goes for the tablet.

Apparently, tablets have been more of a multi-media gadget rather than being used for communication. It’s true that tablets may have seemingly top-off a normal smartphone’s features, knowing that there are more things that we know of that a tablet can do, but it’s seemingly hard to say which one is better, more cunning and more efficient. Every gadget is unique, with its own features and specifications, and to know which one is truly better is a very tough choice to make. After all, it all depends on the user’s choice of comfort and convenience.

But of course, you need to know too how you can protect your tablet to make sure that it can still perform its functions in the long run. You need to ensure that it is free of scratches or bumps.  Here are some suggestions that you should consider.



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