Does Wireless Charging Work with a Phone Case?

Does Wireless Charging Work with a Phone Case?

Many people today are fascinated by the newest update that many smartphone companies have brought to the market, and that is wireless charging. Some companies such as Apple, Samsung, and few other popular smartphone pioneers are already on the verge of modernizing our current digital era.

Let’s take Apple, for example, showcasing their very own wireless charging pad, to introduce a newer way of charging phones without that struggling feeling in finding that charging cable whenever you’re in a hurry of saving your phone’s battery life. Commonly, wireless charger users are getting a bit handy and more comfortable with this product, and frankly, most of them are happy with the outcome of this product’s capabilities. Apparently, there’s still a lot of questions that are still floating around to how this technology functions in some practical applications, and one of them is: “does it work with phone cases?”

The answer is yes. It actually works with MANY phone cases, but unfortunately, there’s an exception to that statement, because there are some few phone cases in the market that are too thick and bulky, mainly blocking the wireless charger’s capability to actually connect with the phone. With this problem in the way, some phone cases are actually designed and engineered to be more flexible & thin that is compactly able to absorb wireless charging for the charger to be able to make contact with the phone itself without actually noticing the spacey compact build of the phone case.

Does Wireless Charging Work with a Phone Case?Does Wireless Charging Work with a Phone Case?

Some phone cases are actually meant and engineered to be fully compatible with wireless charging, they’re much more convenient for they’re much more applicable and more precise to be paired with any wireless charging pad/docks. In some cases, the actual problem is not the phone case itself, you’d also have to consider the charger that you’re using. For some reasons, few wireless chargers in the market that are sold cheap, are probably the ones that will cause more issues in regards to charging. Some cheap chargers are actually defective in a way that it can’t possibly adopt or penetrate through a phone even when using a simple, slim phone case.

This certainly means that the phone case is not always the issue, it’s the charger lacking the capacity to pierce through a certain object that layers the charger from a phone. Also, there are a few minor setbacks when using a cheaper wireless charger, and that includes the capability of the charger itself to last long, or the charger itself isn’t durable at all making its charging progress limited, only to a time that the charger itself breaks because of durability issues.

This year, Apple is about to hit another milestone for introducing a much faster way of wireless charging to the global market for they are launching wireless chargers that are much faster than the previous ones, and yes, they’re actually built and designed to be fully compatible with the iOS 11.2. It features a faster-charging speed, for Apple plans to support the 7.5W (Watt) Wireless charging and they’re already setting up new improvements to its current wireless modernization progress.

But let’s talk about again on how these features affect the charging progress for phones while using phone cases; In some scenarios for example, if you’re currently using a bulkier phone case while charging, it somehow shows a slight setback, which is, it dramatically affects the progress of charging. No matter how fast your charging speed is at the current point, the phone case is still a contributor to its delay.

Does Wireless Charging Work with a Phone Case?Does Wireless Charging Work with a Phone Case?

However, if you’re using a much slimmer phone case or a specially-built phone case that is perfectly matched for wireless charging, then you wouldn’t have any problems dealing with the newer updates that are featured by these products. Chances are, the importance of choosing the right phone case is still without a doubt, essentially significant.

Choosing the right phone case for your phone is still a huge matter to consider because there are other people who would rather choose the technological benefits & utilization from a phone case, rather than its design and looks. It’s utterly important to choose the right phone case if you wanted to charge your phone with it, considering that you’re optimizing the depths wireless charging.

There are tons of phone cases out there to choose from, oddly there is quite a percentage of others to choose from that are inefficient for wireless charging, and some of those phone cases that will definitely cause an issue with wireless charging, are the metal plated ones. Yes, those type phone cases with thick, robust layers of aluminum are the ones who will abruptly cause a disconnection between your wireless charger and your phone, simply because Aluminum is a great conductor of electricity and heat, which makes the wireless charging inefficient and otherwise, unavailing.

To fully get the effectiveness of wireless charging even with a phone case strapped into your phone, is by choosing the most efficient and sometimes the more expensive wireless charger, of course by also finding the perfect compatible phone case that is totally fit for both your phone and charger. This option will definitely delay you from experiencing that horrific struggle of a scenario where you get to manually position your phone to an angle, just to get that right connection to the charger. It’s always good to invest properly on the proper materials to use to get the proper function from your gadgets and better yet, to avoid technical problems in the future.

To wrap it all up, wireless charging is efficient in both time and space saving, even with the use of a specific phone case. It’s both limited and yet possible, but it’s still a matter of choosing the right products to fill the user’s level of satisfaction. Wireless charging is a great invention, especially to attract both normal smartphone enthusiasts and tech-geeks who are usually scouting for the perfect charger, but all of these has its toll, depending on the gadgets for your device that you’re currently using. As long as you’re exploiting the right product for wireless charging and the right compatible phone case for your mobile device, you should be fine and ready to go. Enjoy.

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Does Wireless Charging Work with a Phone Case?Does Wireless Charging Work with a Phone Case?

Does Wireless Charging Work with a Phone Case?Does Wireless Charging Work with a Phone Case?

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