Gifts for Samsung lovers 2017

Gifts for Samsung lovers 2017

Christmas is coming up! By this hour you should definitely have a plan for the best gifts that you can offer for Samsung lovers this 2017. Be like a Santa Claus who gives gifts to those who deserve it. And surely, your Samsung lover friends should each have something from you. Are you pressured now? Well, don’t be. You can actually think of awesome ideas for this year.

Do not worry too much about the gifts though. This article is written to help you out with it. You can just chill and read through this blog and when you are done, you will just be amazed at how awesome these suggestions are. You may even ask yourself why you were not able to come up with these ideas soon enough.

Gifts for Samsung Lovers 2017

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Gifts for Samsung lovers 2017

Of course, the latest flagship of Samsung is one of the best gifts that you can give to your Samsung lover friends this year. Aside from the wonderful features and specs, you can actually have it at AUD 1236.36.

Just like most of the smartphones released this year, the Galaxy Note 8 has been made bezel-less to give you more screen for watching movies on your phone and give you a higher resolution for your photos. The camera has also been improved from the previous model and the battery has been tested well in order to make sure that it is durable for your convenience.

Samsung Tab S3

Gifts for Samsung lovers 2017

If you think the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is too much, then you can opt for Samsung Tab S3. This has been made in order to give the user a great ease when it comes to the functions of a tablet.

One of the awesome features of the Tab S3 is that it has an optional keyboard that you have the freedom to use or not to. With this, you will be able to have a great time in doing your tasks for the day as well as your homework for school. Your Samsung lover friends definitely deserve this. Plus, you can have this at AUD 638.37.

Samsung Gear 360

Gifts for Samsung lovers 2017

At AUD 211.05, you can have a gift for your Samsung lover friends that would totally be of convenience for them. This is a 360-degree camera that everybody can use for their photo sessions and experiments.

Your friends might have a great potential for photography. When you have this as a present to the right person, you might just unleash their potential. That would actually be awesome because it would feel like you have been an instrument to enhance their talent. Great!

Samsung Gear Sport

Gifts for Samsung lovers 2017

Are your friends fond of doing sports, exercises, or any physical activities? You should give them this Samsung Gear Sport. This has been made to be sleek and it has been jam-packed with awesome features and specs which can definitely be of convenience to its user.

At AUD 389.54, you can give your friend the opportunity to finally have a smartwatch to assist him/her when it is time to do some physical activities. This is stylish enough too as anybody can use this as a highlight of their fashion statement.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Gifts for Samsung lovers 2017

This is a smartwatch that can function as a fitness tracker as well. This would be awesome to give to a Samsung lover who is also paying attention to his/her health. As you know, health is one of the many things that should never be ignored.

This smartwatch can let you help a friend monitor his/her health. Another incredible thing about this Samsung device is that it is made to be waterproof and its battery life is impressive as well. Your friend would definitely be happy when he/she receives this as a gift. And, this is only for AUD 259.26.

Samsung Chromebook Pro

Gifts for Samsung lovers 2017

At AUD 553.69, you can absolutely help your friend to have an amazing Chromebook. This has a lot of special features and specs that can totally leave your friend in great amazement when you give this to him/her.

For such a great price, you can already enjoy its QHD touch display together with its hybrid hinge and stylus. You wouldn’t miss out too when it comes to awesome software because it supports the Google Play app store.

Samsung Gear VR

Gifts for Samsung lovers 2017

This Samsung device has been out this year and it is definitely a marvellous gift for a Samsung lover this year. Since virtual reality is now the new trend in technology, it would only be right to gift your friend to this device.

What’s more awesome with this device though is that you can use this with a Samsung phone and a Gear VR Controller so that you and your friend will be able to experience life in the virtual world. This is totally an awesome entertainment gadget and you can have it at AUD 168.06.

These are only some of the best gifts for Samsung lovers for 2017. Your recipient would be totally happy if you give any of these to them especially that some of these have been released only this year and the others are also helpful and convenient gadgets. Samsung definitely has their own way of giving satisfaction to their customers.

But hey, the fun doesn’t end there, of course. You can actually have the following suggestions too especially if you also want to protect your devices. It would always be great to have a durable device without any speck of dust on it. Check these out.

Gifts for Samsung lovers 2017               Gifts for Samsung lovers 2017

Gifts for Samsung lovers 2017               Gifts for Samsung lovers 2017

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