Gifts for apple lovers 2017

Gifts for apple lovers 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of year again. Christmas is just around the corner and you are probably wondering what to buy for everyone on your list. It is one of the common dilemmas that each of us faces every time we decide on what to buy for gifts or present. And these days, we are inclined to buy things that fit with the modern trend. What if someone on your list is an Apple fanatic? Do you have any idea on what to buy for him or her?

Luckily, here are some of Apple’s products that will surely be a good idea to be wrapped and put under the Christmas tree.


10.5 inch iPad Pro

Gifts for apple lovers 2017

If you want something that is big enough to enjoy streaming movies, watching TV, reading, web surfing, and drawing. Or simply put, big enough to function as a computer but small and handy enough to fit into your bookbags and not weigh you down too much. Its screen size is wide enough for you to enjoy fun board games with your friends and loved ones. Costing only at $1,180, it is surely a great gift to wrap and will certainly bring joy to the person who receives it.


13-inch MacBook Air

Gifts for apple lovers 2017

It may not be the lightest MacBook that Apple sells anymore but it is still a viable and solid option to give to that person on your list. It is the most versatile gift for any occasion. And here’s the catch, if your main concern is your budget, it is the least expensive Mac in Apple’s lineup although it does not possess the Retina display that most MacBook has, in fact, it has the same price of iPhone X.
Prices start from $1,499 for 128 GB of storage to $1,799 for 256 GB of storage.


Apple Watch Series 3 GPS + Cellular

Gifts for apple lovers 2017

This is the best option if the person on your list is a huge fan of watches. With this third generation and version of Apple Watch, you can optionally install an LTE Connectivity. With this, you no longer need to bring your iPhone with you and continue to enjoy everything about Apple Watch. You can even make calls, send text messages, and stream Apple Music right from your wrist. It is so convenient if you are out doing some running or if you justify your iPhone. Prices start at $459.



Gifts for apple lovers 2017

AirPods are somehow essential to iPhone users or even other platforms and devices because you can enjoy your music, watch your movies better and with privacy. If your loved one is really a music lover, it is the perfect gift to buy for him or her. What makes the AirPods unique is its ability to instantly to any Apple device such as iPhone, iPads, Apple Watch and many others. It is installed with a W1 chip inside too. It is also handy, especially at times when you can’t reach out to your pockets to get your iPhone because you can trigger and access Siri for little help for your listening activities. AirPods also use touch-based gestures to control volume and playback. Each pair of AirPods cost $229.


Olloclip Lenses

Gifts for apple lovers 2017

If your loved one is a wanderer and traveller, it is almost certain that he or she loves taking photos of the places they went to see. Well, the Olloclip is a great option to give. It is cheap, simple and creative. It will also maximize the capturing power of iPhone’s terrific camera. Olloclip lenses have many types of lens that will surely go a long way with you: fisheye, macro and super-wide. It is perfect for capturing photos that will surely make your loved one’s social media (specifically Instagram) to look good. It is also good for taking pictures of notes on the board, or even the wonderful night sky. Prices start at $129.95.


Apple Music

Gifts for apple lovers 2017

Well, music lovers would really love to receive this as a gift for any occasion. It is a great option to treat your loved one a subscription to Apple Music. With a subscription, you will have access to thousands of songs and albums and up to 40 million of songs across all genres from across the music world. You can also download your favourite song and music and enjoy listening to it offline. Especially if you are on the go and want to minimize your data usage. You can test it first with a free 3-month trial. And if you want to continue your subscription, you can still do it all and enjoy the features for $11.99 a month.


iPhone 8 Plus

Gifts for apple lovers 2017

Well, this should not be forgotten as an option to give to your loved one. iPhone 8 Plus is the closest you can get to a mobile computer. Thanks to its awesome features that will not only give you enjoyment but also provide to help with your daily tasks. Aside from enjoying and having the entire digital world at your fingertips, iPhone 8 Plus is seriously amazing to use in capturing amazing photos. It is already available today and will be immediately shipped as soon as you order it so you won’t have to wait for Santa to come around and check if you have been naughty or nice.
If the person you’re giving it to does not want to be carrying around the 5.5-inch phone, you can opt for the iPhone 8 with a 4.7-inch display. Price for the iPhone 8 Plus starts at $1,299 while the iPhone 8 cost $1,079.

Considering the number of devices and accessories Apple has produced, this is just a shortlist of suggestions for you to get started. iPhone X is not even included because it is already an obvious option. Just remember that whatever the price of your gift, it is still the spirit of giving that makes Christmas the most wonderful time of the year.


If you are really considering buying one of these products, we might suggest for you to buy something to go with it that will help protect it. Here are some suggestions that you might want to consider.

Gifts for apple lovers 2017        Gifts for apple lovers 2017

Gifts for apple lovers 2017          Gifts for apple lovers 2017

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