Different problems of the iOS 11 update

Different problems of the iOS 11 update

As a smartphone user, all you want is to enjoy the specs and features of your device. You need it to support each and every bit of your passion, likes, entertainment, communication and those that you need to do like work and other professional matters. However, if you’ve got an operating system that doesn’t give you the full function of your smartphone, then you might just go berserk. This is because you have got a lot of expectations and these shouldn’t ever be hindered by just a mere lack of development in the operating system of your device.

Fortunately for you, though, iOS has its newest update, the iOS 11. But what changes could this update bring? Would it be able to solve such issues as battery life drainage that has been raised by the users for quite some time already? Will this be able to satisfy the users? What are the different problems seen with the iOS 11 update? Read on to know more about it.

iOS 11 update issues

Battery life.

Different problems of the iOS 11 update

As a smartphone user, you would want to spend almost every minute of every day with your gadget and make the most of its specs and features that made you purchase it. You want to go on an adventure with it and explore more of its capabilities through time and experience.

However, the iOS 11 update somehow failed to resolve the previous issue on this operating system. Previous versions such as iOS 11.0.3 and its preceding versions had battery life problems. Apparently, the said operating systems have been draining the battery life out of their devices and this is not a good thing especially if you need your phone for almost every moment of every day.

Although, it is worth noting that the battery life is improving with its beta 4 iOS 11. As it seems to be, iPhone models have been having additional hours to use their battery with this new iOS 11 update. Such improvement though and the additional number of hours for you to use your iPhone before it goes battery empty is not correlated to your real-life usage. Meaning, the tests that have been made to determine whether there an improvement is not based on how you actually use your device for each day. Thus, you might not want to have greater expectations on the number of hours added.

Beta life.

Different problems of the iOS 11 update

With iOS 11, you need to enrol to the Apple Beta Program before you can have it. As it is said to have some kind of improvement regarding the battery life consumption, you might as well enrol yourself in here because it might be worth it. As you may know, the previous operating systems have been devouring your phone’s battery too much. With this, you were not able to do as many things as you would like to do with your device.

With iOS 11, though, and with the little improvement that it possesses to preserve the battery life, you can enjoy using your smartphone for a little longer before the battery would drain. This is an advantage already. And as such, you need to enrol to the Apple Beta Program.

Usage Variation.

Different problems of the iOS 11 update

Usage variation takes the stand that there are different ways that different people use their smartphone. And with this, it supports that the battery life improvement mentioned earlier would vary on how a user gets to use his or her device.

iDevicehelp, which made the testing that proved iOS 11 to have an improvement in battery preservation, has a way different way of using the battery than you do. With the many entertainments that you need to have with your phone, you might just well expect that the 6-8 hours screen-on time that the iDevicehelp has achieved may go lesser or greater than you do. But, this is based on how you use your device throughout the day.

These have been the common sighting of problems that have occurred with the iOS 11 update. Although you are recommended to have the update, it is also reiterated that the number of hours that your phone could last depends on how you use it. With the social media, movies, and all of the other interesting stuff happening around, you are still most likely to have your hands on your device for almost every time. And this can definitely affect the battery consumption of your smartphone.

But, even with this, you still need to protect your smartphone from any damages that may be caused by the daily wear and by the accumulation of dirt. For one, it would be awesome to have a neat smartphone, despite the battery drainage that it may be having. If you do not have any ideas yet as to how you can do it, here are some suggestions that you might want to take.

Different problems of the iOS 11 update               Different problems of the iOS 11 update

Different problems of the iOS 11 update               Different problems of the iOS 11 update

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