iPhone X Demand and Supply

iPhone X Demand and Supply

The 10th anniversary iPhone of Apple, iPhone X, is going to be available for pre-orders soon enough. It will then be released on the markets on the 3rd of November and you should definitely watch out for it. With all its specs and features that are definitely futuristic in its sense, it is an iPhone that you shouldn’t miss out. In fact, you should be first in the line for this.

But, recently there has been quite a stirring regarding the iPhone X demand and supply. How could this be possible? Didn’t the Apple Company expect the number of possible demands for their latest flagship? Or, rather, does the company reach the expected demand for their supply? You should know about this so read on.

It is true that the iPhone X is the most expensive iPhone so far. And, it has already been known that Apple devices are really quite pricey. However, users are still into it. They can find a way as to how they can get the money to buy their favourite gadget. And you might even be just like them.

As such, it is expected to have thousands of demands for the iPhone X, starting the pre-order date on the 27th of October. But, with this expectation, there are also claims that although there are a lot of interested people for the iPhone X, not all of them wants to actually have it and use for their own. Thus we are yet to see whether the supply of iPhone X will suffice or not in the number of people who want to have it.

What could be causing the rumours about the lack of supply for iPhone X? Why are there so many headlines on the internet saying that Apple might not be able to stand up to the demands of the people for the latest flagship?


iPhone X is said to possess a lot of futuristic features that the technology of today is still trying to cope. As it is made to offer convenience to the users, Apple Company also do not want to compromise the quality. Thus, the need for a manufacturer that can produce a high-quality device. Apparently, Apple is having a problem with its suppliers as its exclusive processor maker, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, and its primary assembler, Hon Hai Precision Industry, are subjected to the rules of Taiwan. This rule has to do with the disclosure of monthly sales. Such thing also led the analysts to have a lead of the possible lack of iPhone X supply.

iPhone X Demand and Supply

From Smart to OLED

As reports have it, one of the leading complications that led to the assumption of a lack of supply for iPhone X is the change of having a Smart screen to an OLED display. As it turns out, not many suppliers for this have come to the surface and Apple has been relying on its rival company, Samsung, for OLED supply, but since Samsung cannot manufacturer millions in one day, iPhone X might just be a limited edition. And, of course, having this display also led to another technological advancement for iPhone X.

iPhone X Demand and Supply

Touch ID Sensor

An OLED display of iPhone X led to another advancement in smartphone technology, which is the Touch ID sensor. This came in when Apple has decided to go with a bezel-less design that has obviously been quite the trend for this year’s flagships of different companies in the industry. As the Touch ID Sensor is bound to give convenience to the users, it is also one of the main factors why there are issues with the lack of iPhone X supply.

iPhone X Demand and Supply

Face ID

As Apple Company has realized that the Touch ID Sensor is not working well with the other technologies integrated into iPhone X, t has yet another wonderful idea of having a Face ID instead. It has been placed in front of the phone and in the centre position. This, of course, would need Apple to have a reliable supplier in order to be achieved.

Heads up! Since the Apple Company has not yet postponed any schedule for both pre-order and the official release of iPhone X in the market, they may have been managing with the supplies very well. The issue of iPhone X may somehow be a push for you to pre-order your own iPhone X as soon as possible before it is going to run out. If in case you may not be able to make it, you may just want to wait until next year for a more stable supply of the said 10th anniversary iPhone.

iPhone X should be really valuable for you especially if you manage to be one of the first to own it. Thus, it would only be right if you prepare for its protection as early as now. Of course, as valuable as your iPhone X may be, you wouldn’t want any dirt accumulation or scratches happen to it at any moment of time. Here are some suggestions that you need to have a look.

iPhone X Demand and Supply          iPhone X Demand and Supply

iPhone X Demand and Supply          iPhone X Demand and Supply

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