The battle of AI - artificial intelligence

The Battle of AI – Artificial Intelligence

Admit it, as much as you fantasize on the idea of an artificial intelligence on your devices at home, you also want to know whether you are secured or not with the technology that is being used for it. Or, at some point in time, you may be asking what is it, what does it do, and how can it improve your way of living? Read on.

Artificial Intelligence is more commonly manifested in science fiction genre of movies and even books. These are those robots or machines that have powered by a software and then functions like a human being, except that, they do not have emotions. But what is it exactly? The artificial intelligence that you can have right now with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and the Apple’s Siri are called as narrow AI. These can perform the tasks of a human being and even outperform them. The goal of the researchers is to create a general AI which can outperform the human beings in almost every cognitive task that they may subject themselves. Awesome.

What can AI do?

As of the moment, AI can do as much as speech recognition, learning, planning, and problem-solving. In fact, because of this, you can search on Google without having to type your query, you can access your device without having to touch its screen, you can access your applications with just the use of your voice, and etc. AI has really come into existence to suit everybody’s needs.

From being your daily alarm clock to being the one which gets to turn the lights on and to search for your favourite songs on any software, AI can do its function. It gives you ease in living, the convenience of having something else to do the simple tasks for you. How awesome would that be? Plus, you just can make sure that it is listening to whatever your commands. You can feel like a real king and queen! This is definitely helpful for you, especially you are fond of thinking that you are always busy with something else, that you have got your hands full of your tasks that you cannot even do the simple ones. Voila, the power of AI is here to help you.

As mentioned earlier, AI has already come into this world. With Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and the Apple’s Siri, you have the convenience of your virtual assistants doing the simple tasks for you. Now, you can have more time for yourself and for more valuable and complex works.

Google Home

The Battle of AI - artificial intelligence

Okay, let’s start with the Google Home. As this device is powered by the Google Assistant, you can expect that it would definitely of great help for you. Oh, and don’t remember that Google is actually a massive search engine too, so, you can just ask almost anything on it and expect it to deliver such satisfactory results.

But you might ask, how should you talk with Google?

In order to wake up your Google Assistant, you should say, “Hey, Google” or “Okay, Google”. But of course, you do not have to shout. Just talk naturally as if you are talking with a friend, or politely asking somebody for a favour. Although, there is always going to be a possibility that Google Assistant wouldn’t be able to get what you are saying. Just relax, articulate each word well and you will be fine.

It would also be awesome and convenient for both you and Google Assistant if you think before you speak. This means that you already have in mind what you are about to tell Google because chances are, you would only have the fillers: you know, uhm, sort of, and etc. This way, Google Assistant wouldn’t have a hard time in actually comprehending what you are actually talking about and thus deliver satisfactory results.

Amazon Alexa

The Battle of AI - artificial intelligence

Amazon Alexa is the voice-based smart home assistant of Amazon. This is another AI technology that can definitely help you a lot in your everyday errands at home. It can turn on the music for you as you go dashing back and forth in doing housework, or if you are baking or cooking, you can ask it about the conversions of measurements that you are going to use. And, if you are heading out, you can ask it about the weather for a specific time interval in a day. Awesome.

What would be the wake-up work for Amazon Alexa?

As is quite obvious, that would be Alexa. Yes, this AI is constantly listening to each and every conversation or talking that you are going to have in the same room that you have it. However, it would only start tracking and analyzing whatever you say after you say the word, Alexa. However, if you already have a person in the same house with the same name, you can change the wake word to being Amazon, Echo, or Computer. Your choice, and yes, you can set this up for yourself and avoid confusion as well.

How else does it function?

Since Amazon is quite known as the online retail shop in the US, you can ask Alexa to shop for the products that you like. Not only that, Alexa can also help you in accessing the other smart home devices that you have in the same room. Amazing, right? You don’t have to find them to access as Alexa can do this for you. If you want to know about what is happening in the country, you can actually just ask it to deliver the latest headlines to you.

And the fun doesn’t just end there. Apparently, Alexa has earned yet another skill. It can let you have a video or voice chat with somebody by saying, “Alexa, drop in”. Or you can also do it on your own by tapping the Drop-In button on your device.

Apple’s Siri

The Battle of AI - artificial intelligence

Apple Company doesn’t let itself get behind the competition when it comes to technology too. In fact, it also has its Siri as an intelligent personal assistant. You can make use of this AI technology when you have iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and HomePod. These devices have definitely been made compatible with this technology in order to provide convenience in your life.

But what does Apple’s Siri do?

With a wakeup call, “Hey, Siri”, you can definitely command access to your favourite applications on your device. It can also help you see the task that you have for the day. And, if you think it pronounces words or names incorrectly, you can teach it how to do so in the proper manner. You can also use it as an alarm clock to remind you to wake up at the time that you have indicated.

Siri can also help with the conversions on measurements that you are most commonly using, make it call your mom even without touching your phone’s screen and more. And, if you are actually not fond of the voice that Siri has, you can change it to the way you want it to be.

AI totally a whole new technology that you need to appreciate more instead of taking it for granted. The services that it offers are awesome too. You don’t have to stress out about having to do even the simplest tasks, especially that you are already doing the complicated ones. Well, let AI help you. Grab the opportunity to finally take advantage of what the development in technology has to offer.

With this technology on your device, you might actually need to protect your device even more from the damages that daily use can cause. Help your device be as presentable and tidy as it could ever be with the protection of a phone case, for example, for the smartphones where AI is compatible. Enjoy more of your these advantages by prolonging the life of your device.

The Battle of AI - artificial intelligence     The Battle of AI - artificial intelligence

The Battle of AI - Artificial Intelligence          The Battle of AI - Artificial Intelligence

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