Should you wait longer and pay more for iPhone X?

Should you wait longer and pay more for iPhone X?

Apple is already a world-renowned brand for smartphones, tablets, and even personal computers. They are already on their epitome of success. And to add the icing on the cake, they recently announced the launching of their latest instalments of their iPhone devices, the iPhone 8 and 8 PLUS and the revolutionary, iPhone X. Though launched at the same time, iPhone X will be released later than iPhone 8 and 8 PLUS and also a bit expensive. Here is something for you to munch on to help you decide which one to get.

iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 PLUS

Should you wait longer and pay more for iPhone X?

iPhone 8 and 8 PLUS is for the people who are not ready to forego the legendary home button. Due to their simultaneous launch, iPhone 8 and 8 plus is overshadowed and overlooked because of iPhone X. But before we compare the iPhone 8’s to iPhone X, we should take a glimpse on these two underdogs.

iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS is often associated with “change of small doses”. So what’s the difference exactly?

First is their capacity, well, in this round, they are equal. Both have the internal memory of 64GB and up to 256GB. You can still enjoy saving countless photos, videos, apps and other documents that you want to store on your iPhone.

Next, their dimensions. It is here where there is really an obvious and visible change. iPhone 8 weighs only 148 grams or approximately 5.22 ounces compared to 8 PLUS, it weighs 202g, approximately 7.13 ounces. Also, measuring 138.4mm in length, 67.3mm in width and about 7.3mm in thickness, compared to iPhone 8 PLUS with its length measuring 158.4mm, width 78.1mm, and thickness 7.5mm, apparently, iPhone 8 is shorter than the 8 PLUS but it is sleeker to look at and easier to handle.

Next is their display. Their display clearly reflects their size and dimension, given that iPhone 8 PLUS is bigger than iPhone 8, iPhone 8 PLUS has a 5.5-inch retina display (diagonal) with a resolution of 1920-by-1080 pixels at 401 PPI while iPhone 8 features a 4.7-inch retina display with a lesser resolution of 1334-by-750 pixels at 326 PPI. But both offer a widescreen LCD Multi-Touch display with IPS technology. you can definitely watch a lot of videos and stream movies online in such a great quality!

In terms of camera features, both offer a 12MP camera but iPhone 8 PLUS has more to offer because it has wide-angle and telephoto cameras. iPhone 8 camera can only zoom up to 5x digitally while iPhone 8 PLUS have both optical and digital zoom up to 10x. All other features such as Autofocus, Optical Image stabilization and other known camera features are present on both sides. Well, here’s your opportunity to capture the moments of your adventure.

With regards to its power and battery, both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS have the same battery-life with iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus, respectively. Both models have built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery partnered with wireless charging. You can also charge your phone via USB to a computer system or the traditional power adapter. Together with the glass back of the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS, you can have both of its wireless charging and fast-charging features. Awesome.

Other minor features that are convenient for your use are the Accessibility that includes VoiceOver, Zoom, Magnifier, of course, Siri and other features. Also, as freebies, there are pre-installed apps that are free when you buy these models such as iMovie, iTunes U, GarageBand, Apple TV remote, and other cool apps that are not free on other iPhones. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus also support numerous document types, thanks to its Mail Attachment Support, you can view and download almost any document, image or videos. Its language support is also massive, from English (Australia, UK, US) to Vietnamese, all are compatible with iPhone.

Prices also vary (obviously) with iPhone 8, the price of 1,053.48 AUD while iPhone 8 PLUS costs 1,156.26 AUD. Surely, a small dose of change does cost you about a hundred dollars.

iPhone 8 and 8 PLUS vs. iPhone X

Should you wait longer and pay more for iPhone X?

Now, after comparing and contrasting both iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS, we’ve seen their differences, particularly in their size and display. But it is not about “iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 PLUS”, the real question here is: Is it worth it to wait a little longer and pay a few more dollars for iPhone X?

Well, to answer that, it is time to do a head to head comparison to determine both models’ pros and cons.


Past meets future. This is the best way to describe it. When comparing both models, the design is obviously the best place to start. iPhone X is probably the most “radical redesign” the iPhone series has ever seen. Meanwhile, the iPhone 8 PLUS just retains its design from its ancestor, the iPhone 6 PLUS. This dramatically affects their dimensions, being:

  • iPhone X – 143.6mm (length) x 70.9mm (width) x 7.7mm (thickness) and weighs 174g
  • iPhone 8 Plus – 158.4mm (length) x 78.1mm (width) x 7.5mm (thickness) and weighs 202g

Obviously, with dimensions stated above, iPhone X is longer but sleeker, slimmer and lighter compared to iPhone 8 Plus. This makes iPhone X more handy and less hassle to keep inside pockets.

Their only similarity though is that they have the elegant glass backs. This provides more in-hand grip compared to the traditional aluminium coating but also adds fragility thus costing more on repairs when damaged.

The difference that really catches the attention though is iPhone X screen design. With the “all screen” display, iPhone X took it to another level. Losing its bezels means fitting in a 5.8-inch display.

Another distinguishable change is the loss of the Home Button. Thus, the Touch ID Fingerprint sensor is also eliminated from its features. But something more innovative took its place. iPhone X is equipped with Apple’s new Face ID facial recognition system that allows you to unlock the phone by simply projecting your face in front of the phone.

Also, the iPhone X also moved on from the traditional LCD display. It has now evolved into OLED Display which fascinated a lot of iPhone fans, including you at that.


Now we’re through with the design, let’s go to its performance. Some do not really consider a phone’s design as a major factor in choosing their smartphone but rather its performance. Well, overall, there is really no huge difference between them. Both runs on Apple’s A11 “Bionic Chipset” which is a Six-Core CPU, Six-Core GPU, and an M11 Motion coprocessor. This enables both models to futureproof and Apple is making a big push into augmented reality (AR).


In terms of camera, both have the same dual-camera feature that Apple recently integrated. Although, the key advantage of iPhone X here is a better zoom capability. The iPhone X also uses its front camera for Face ID and for their new special feature, the “animojis”, where you can record your facial expressions and turn them to an emoji.


For battery life, the bigger, the better. Here, iPhone X can last as long as iPhone 8 PLUS when it comes to talking time and audio playback but iPhone 8 PLUS offers an hour longer of web browsing and video playback, while iPhone X can only match iPhone 8’s time.

Good news is that Apple has doubled their minimum storage capacity from 32GB to 64 GB for both iPhone X and iPhone 8 PLUS, but the bad news is there is no mid-range 128 GB available. This makes them more expensive than any previous iPhones.

  • iPhone X – 1,283.45 AUD (64GB), 1,476.16 AUD (256GB)
  • iPhone 8 Plus – 1,156.26AUD  (64GB), 1,219.21 AUD (256GB)

So, there it is. We stated and contrasted all the necessary features and specs for you to consider which one to buy and if it is worth it to wait longer and pay more for iPhone X. Although the choice is yours if you want to go with the traditional iPhone design or the revolutionary design of iPhone X.

With your gadgets, especially the latest ones, they are costly. But it is more costly if you do not make enough precautions to preserve it. To help you, here are some protections and suggestions that you might consider using.

           Should you wait longer and pay more for iPhone X?          Rose Gold Brushed Texture Armor iPhone X Case

Should you wait longer and pay more for iPhone X?           Should you wait longer and pay more for iPhone X?

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