Samsung research and development strategy

Samsung research and development strategy

When it comes to technology, the companies must try and give their best in order to have some improvements on their products. The more convenience that their products can offer to the users, the better. With this, they will be able to gain the trust of the users and have it to their advantage.

This is the very reason why each company should have their own set of talented and hard-working research and development team. The ever-changing market demands should be met in order for their brand to be known for catering the needs and wants of the people. The team needs to be competent in trying to look for the possible advancements in technology so that they can have a product released with updated technologies in no time. The accuracy of technology updates should be especially considered and they need to do it ahead of time in order to be able to advertise it also.

One of the most accurate examples for this is the Samsung Company which is one of the giants in the smartphone industry. It has a team for the research and development which is composed of highly skilled researchers and engineers. The three is composed of three layers in order to make sure that all aspects have been covered and that each team focuses their attention on one aspect. Samsung research and development strategy is definitely going well with this structure.

What are the three layers of Samsung Research and Development?

The Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT).

Samsung research and development strategy

This layer is the one responsible for the growth engines that can be used in the future. When it comes to the company’s core business areas, the SAIT layer has its hands on it. This means that they also consider the management of technology that they have already used and how it can be possible for it to be enhanced and developed in order to be used in the future with additional features for convenience.

Research and Development Centers.

Samsung research and development strategy

Samsung has expanded its research and development centres around the world. In this layer, the company is focusing on a futuristic technology that is bound to provide convenience to its users. They also take into consideration that this technology can last for a long duration just to make sure that investments for it would be worth it. This is also to make sure that they cater the interests of the users. Having a high-technology gadget or product that features a high-technology design is awesome as there can be many possibilities to improve more and explore more on what other opportunities for development there could be.

Division Product Development Teams.

Samsung research and development strategy

These teams have the responsibility and privilege of advertising the products to the audience a year or two before its supposed launch. This can increase the hype among the users and let them look forward to it. This can somehow send signals to the consumers that if they want the new technology, they need to wait for it and cancel any plans of purchasing a product that is already in the market.

This is really challenging, the same with the other two layers because the team has to make up a model for commercializing it. They need to expose as many interesting details as possible in order to ensure the users that such improvement of technology is possible and that they can even have it in their hands in just a few years of wait. To make the wait bearable, the team can actually spill some rumours and tips on what to expect from it. This strategy has been manifested by Samsung and all the other companies, which is actually effective as the smartphone users were actually waiting for its Galaxy Note 8 release. The same can also be observed with the previous smartphone releases too, the Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8 PLUS and others.

Samsung Company does not make it hard for the research and development to have ideas for the future products or features. In fact, 9% the company’s sales go for the R&D spending, especially that this should never be compromised. As you may think by now, most of the success that a company gets is based on how skilled the R&D personnel are. And because of this, it is only right to give them the budget to think, create, and experiment on the possible new developments for the future use.

As you can see, Samsung Company is really working hard for the improvement of technology, and especially the enhancements of the features on their smartphones. That’s what makes your Samsung smartphone awesome, its features and specs are not made out of the blue. Those have been carefully thought of in order to give you the best version that technology can offer.

Thus, it is only right to protect your phone from the damages that can be caused by its daily use. You may not notice it but dirt can accumulate your smartphone and if it is not attended, it can cause trouble in your phone’s internal system. Thus, to prevent this, you need a durable and reliable phone cover that can help prolong the life of your device. Here are some suggestions that you might want to consider.

Samsung research and development strategy                             Samsung research and development strategy

Samsung research and development strategy        Samsung research and development strategy

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