Facial-scanning feature in iPhone X

Facial-scanning feature in iPhone X

Every one of us needs to have a secure smartphone. It is important that the manufacturers know about this in order for them to include security in one of their priority improvements for the next upgraded version. Good thing, though, is that almost all of smartphones released this year already have a special feature for this: the facial scanning feature.

In the upgraded device that Samsung has released this year, the Galaxy Note 8, facial-scanning feature has been integrated already. It has added the security of the phone and of the files that are kept in it. The same can also be observed with Apple’s latest release of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS as upgraded versions of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 PLUS, respectively. It would seem like the primary concern of both giants in the smartphone industry is to the security of the user. And that is totally awesome.

Apple has also an upcoming iPhone X. This is the 10th-anniversary iPhone of the company and it has been launched together with the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS. And, of course, as a special iPhone model, a facial-scanning feature has also been integrated into its system. Although, it has been made even more exciting. Not only does it enhance the security system of the smartphone but it is also a source of entertainment for the user. With this feature, you can actually just sweep boredom away. How?

Facial-scanning feature in iPhone X

Apple has creatively thought of enhancing emoji with iPhone X. This feature is called the animoji, or what you can consider as an animated emoji. You can control the expressions that the chosen emoji can have, based on how you are doing it on your own face. So, for example, you choose a robot emoji and you frown, the robot will do the frowning too. It merely imitates your each and every facial expression.

As you may well know, Apple has hundreds of emoji. However, at this moment, they have limited the emoji that can be animated to a minimum only. This would include the monkey, unicorn, robot, and a dog. Even with the limited selection, you can still have fun with it especially when you are sending messages. This can give the text an emotion, just like how emoji works, but animoji is its advanced version.

Not for children under 13 years of age.

Apple has already released a statement regarding a kid’s use of the face-scanning feature of iPhone X. Basically, this Facial ID gives off invisible light beams on the user’s face and create a three-dimensional model of it so that it wouldn’t be faked by a photograph. Even the realistic masks cannot fool this feature which means that it is totally safe for almost everybody to use at any time and anywhere.

Facial-scanning feature in iPhone X

But not for children. As what Apple claims, children under 13 years of age have their facial muscles still in the process of development. As it is, there is a huge chance that some changes may appear and even the owner itself wouldn’t be able to unlock his phone. It is also possible that the siblings of a 13-year-old owner would be able to hack the security system. This is because the facial features may just be similar from one another.

Recognizes even while wearing sunglasses.

This facial-scanning feature in iPhone X is truly impressive such that it would still be able to recognize you as the owner even if you are wearing a hat, scarf, glove, or your sunglasses. Because of the high technology that has been used for the Face ID, this has been made possible. The invisible light beams that have been mentioned earlier also are useful for this.

Single face to unlock iPhone X.

Since this year can be considered as the first generation of smartphones with the facial-scanning feature, only a single face can unlock a device. The same also goes for the iPhone X. Although, you can expect that this feature can be enhanced more so that additional security measures can be integrated as well.

Glow in the dark.

Facial-scanning feature in iPhone X

Face ID has a glow in the dark feature too. This makes it capable of working even if you are in a totally dark room. You may also be able to notice the faint light output that the TrueDepth camera has. Apparently, this makes it operate on your phone while you use it, but it does not pose any health risk for you. As you can see, that is only a low output that the manufacturers have programmed. After all, Apple only wants us to have the convenience of using their iPhone models.

These are the facts that you need to know about the facial-scanning feature in iPhone X. You deserve to learn about this especially that it involves a great deal of security for your phone. You can then store important information on your phone without the others having an access to it without your permission. But also, it would be awesome if this technology can improve more so that it can have another opportunity of being in service for you. Having multiple faces to unlock your iPhone X can be for safety purposes as well. This can serve as your backup in case you need somebody else to access your files. But for now, a single face recognition is already awesome.

And because iPhone X contains interesting features, you need to take care of it. Although you may not be able to notice the gradual of dirt on your phone, you can actually use a phone cover in order to prevent such thing from happening. You might also want to protect your iPhone X from the impact of an accidental drop. In these cases, you will need the following.

Facial-scanning feature in iPhone X          Facial-scanning feature in iPhone XFacial-scanning feature in iPhone X          Facial-scanning feature in iPhone X

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