iPhone marketing strategy 2017

Apple is one of the GIANTS in the smartphone industry in the past few months and even years. Their constant releases of reliable and durable devices have pushed them into this far which also served as a totally challenging competitor of the other smartphone companies exiting until the present time.

In Apple’s 10th year anniversary, the company has released two of its newest flagships, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS. These are the upgraded versions of iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 PLUS respectively. Apple is yet to release their 10th year anniversary iPhone, the iPhone X, in the later part of the year. All of these iPhones support the wireless charging technology which is a definite additional point already for Apple Company in the competition.

But, what is Apple’s iPhone marketing strategy? How would they be able to market these models to the public? You deserve to know.

Appropriate targeting.

iPhone marketing strategy 2017

As Apple is one of the most prominent ones in the smartphone industry, it knows just who to target. This is actually one of the marketing strategies that they have for iPhone. One that they have in mind is the people in the urban area who have also been using the previous models of iPhone in the last few years. Then this will lead them to target the device to the audience who are music lovers, professionals or teenagers who are most likely to use and opt for a convenient phone with impressive features, and those who are passionate in photography.

With these target audiences, the company is sure to have the necessary specs and features on the iPhone devices in order to cater the needs of the possible users. This way, they do not have to waste too much of their resources in having their ads where they are not sure to have anybody interested in using the devices or are not capable of having it. Wise choice!

Powerful ads.

iPhone marketing strategy 2017

Apple Company has their talented advertisers who think of a different way of advertising new products. The company is known to be clear on what message they are portraying to the public. And, aside from that, their print ads are also amazing enough. You can see that they do have a background of black and white and a splash of colours in order to introduce the product/s that they have or they will be behaving.

Even their video promotions are also lit. No time is wasted in the formulation of the perfect plan for advertising such that every detail in the marketing strategy is very well thought of. They tell you clearly of what the product has to offer to its users. They let people know of the different improvements that each upgrade has over the previous models. Impressive!

Justification of Prices.

iPhone marketing strategy 2017

As you may have already known, Apple’s 10th-year anniversary iPhone, the iPhone X, has quite an expensive purchasing price. The iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS are way more affordable than the iPhone X even. So, what does the Apple Company do with this in order to increase the sales of the new iPhone models despite the prices?

They justify the price of their devices. With the special features and specs that iPhone 8, iPhone 8 PLUS, and iPhone X have, Apple is certainly going to be able to somehow convince its target audience to purchase the newly released iPhone upgrades, or even wait for the availability of the iPhone X. Awesome!

Language of Communication.

iPhone marketing strategy 2017

Apple Company is also considering their audience when they advertise. For sure, when you talk about technical jargons that your smartphone device can have, your target audience is most likely to shy away from your advertisement. Why would you do that when you can have a better style instead?

The marketing style of Apple Company is really effective especially that they use the layman’s words when they start introducing their products. In fact, you can actually visit their official site and look for the specs and features of the latest Apple iPhones. You can see that even though there are specs and other technicalities mentioned, it is presented in a way that you only get curious about it instead of building doors and windows just to get rid of them. Apple wants their target audience to be comfortable in viewing the specs and features of their devices which can totally give them the advantage of the customers staying on the page as they are interested in the iPhone model. The company invites people in instead of shooing them away with the jargon. This is one of the reasons why they are doing well in terms of marketing their products, especially the iPhones.

Other companies may ignore these factors, these strategies of marketing but Apple has got it covered. And, although they might have some iPhone models that are a bit expensive from the competing companies, you just can’t help but wonder how it still gets a lot of attention and sales. And now, here is the reason why. iPhone marketing strategy of Apple Company is on point that it drives people to love their products more than any other in the competition.

Since Apple Company has been doing great in making their products, it is only right that you value it well. You need to protect your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 PLUS, and even the iPhone X against the daily wear that can happen. With the glass front and back, you might also want to handle these with care! Here are some suggestions that will definitely work for your meticulous taste.

iPhone marketing strategy 2017     iPhone marketing strategy 2017

iPhone marketing strategy 2017     iPhone marketing strategy 2017

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