Apple's latest iPhones all support wireless charging

Apple’s latest iPhones all support wireless charging

One of the giants in the smartphone industry, the Apple Company has notably released two of its latest flagships earlier this month. As it turned out, Apple has integrated the wireless charging technology to all of its flagships and it has been proven with the release of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 PLUS. iPhone X, being the third flagship yet to release, also has the same feature.

Wireless charging is to entirely new to smartphones. In fact, another smartphone giant, Samsung, has already integrated this technology to its earlier released smartphones. Wireless charging is already a feature in smartphones in more or less five years ago already. And Apple having the same feature in its latest release is a good news as it has finally coped with the trend to support the demands for the convenience of its smartphone users.

But what do you need to know about the wireless charging technology? This has not made much noise in the industry until this year when the Apple Company is finally having it. So, how could you make use of this feature? How will this be of any advantage to your use of iPhone 8, iPhone 8 PLUS, or even iPhone X? Thus, you need to know about the pros and cons of having a wireless charging technology.


No more cables.

Apple's latest iPhones all support wireless charging

As a smartphone user, you may as well just be annoyed by the usual wear and tear that happens on a charger cable. Since iPhone 8, iPhone 8 PLUS, and iPhone X all support a wireless charging technology, you may rejoice at the idea that you do not need to keep your cords in a safe place before it gets misplaced. Additionally, you can use your device when it is charging without even having to disconnect the charger. This means that you can use it while it is still charging, especially when you have an emergency.

No more cables necessary for charging your device also means that you can survive a day without having to bring a cord with you. It has been a common thing already to miss your phone’s charging cables when you leave home, for example. In the previous years, when this happens and your device is in a low battery situation, you worry about it getting battery empty and you cannot use it anymore. With this wireless charging technology, leaving your cords behind is never going to be an issue.

Stationary charging station.

Apple's latest iPhones all support wireless charging

With wireless charging technology comes a stationary charging station. This means that when charging your device, you do not have to transfer as much as you do with a charging cable. Since wireless charging has been a thing for smartphones years ago, public places have already made their moves for this technology. In fact, Starbucks for one has already a placed a charging station for your convenience. With this, relocating the charging cables from one place to another which is truly a hassle, you can have a peaceful charging zone and moment with your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 PLUS, and iPhone X.

Reduced risk of an electrical shock.

Apple's latest iPhones all support wireless charging

Charging elements in wireless charging technology are not exposed to conductors. This is the very reason why you can have a reduced risk of an electrical shock when you have this technology. The glass front and back of the newly released iPhone models are mainly for the wireless charging feature. So, instead of plugging your device into a socket, you only need to place your smartphone on the pad for charging. With this, you definitely are not risking yourself to be somehow electrocuted.


Reduced efficiency.

One of the most common disadvantages that people look at when it comes to wireless charging is its reduced efficiency. There has been a lot of talks going on about the wireless charging and how slow a battery charges up with this. With this, users opt for a cable charging when it comes to desperate times and they have to charge up as much and as soon as possible.

However, the latest flagships of Apple, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 PLUS, and iPhone X, do have a special feature that supports wireless charging, and this is the fast-charging. With these combined features on charging your iPhone devices, you can have the opportunity of leaving your house with a 50% charged battery, and that’s with a wireless charging technology!

Increased heat generation.

Another one of the most looked after disadvantages of a wireless charging technology is the heat generated while the battery is charging. While the charging, it is most likely that the heat would go from the battery to the whole of the device since there is no direct connection to the battery of your smartphone device. This might have happened to the earlier models of smartphones but this may go differently with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 PLUS, and iPhone X.

As mentioned earlier, these latest flagships do have a glass front and back. This supports its wireless charging feature which means that aside from fast-charging, you might also just have a lower heat generation with these devices.

More expensive.

Apple's latest iPhones all support wireless charging

Wireless charging technology on a smartphone makes it even more expensive to purchase. The increased manufacturing that the drive electronics and the coils must have to ensure safety and durability of service have to be considered and thus, an increase in the cost of manufacturing. The complexity of the design that must be integrated should be taken into consideration as well.

As a matter of fact, you can actually have the iPhone 8 for 1171.02 AUD for a 64GB storage and 1442.96 AUD for a 256GB storage. You can have the iPhone 8 PLUS at 1273 AUD for a 64GB storage and 1612.92 AUD for a 256GB. You can also have the iPhone X pretty soon at 1260.80 AUD and will have its pre-orders on the 27th of October with the deliveries starting on the 3rd of November.

Apple’s latest iPhones all support wireless charging and you should be happy with the convenience that you can get out of it! Since it can be said that the wireless charging technology is still yet to be developed, there are some disadvantages that you can get out of the feature. But the advanced technologies that are integrated into the latest iPhone devices might just have a way in order for you to make the most out of it.

Wireless charging feature on all of the latest iPhone models only made it stressed out that you need to have a reliable and durable protection for your device. This includes a wise choice of a smartphone case and cover where your device is not only protected against the daily wear and tear but also gives you the opportunity to have a fashionable style. Here are some suggestions that you might want to consider.


Apple's latest iPhones all support wireless charging          Apple's latest iPhones all support wireless charging

Apple's latest iPhones all support wireless charging          Apple's latest iPhones all support wireless charging

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