Android O

Android Oreo

The most talked about latest version of Android for the past weeks now has its official name! Nope, it’s not Octopus, it’s Oreo at its finest. Although, this may not have come in your way as a surprise because this has been speculated as well in the previous talks.

Its live stream was launched by Google in New York City and guess what, coincidence or not, it came with the arrival of the solar eclipse over the city! Isn’t it just fantastic? The consumer launch details were also released and you can just be thankful for it.

Android O

The reason why it is most speculated that the name for the Android O is going to be Oreo is that Google has been known to have sweet treats as the name for its major Android releases. Since Google has already announced the initial O, then most of the people have already thought of a dessert that starts so. And Oreo is where we go!

So what are the features of Android Oreo and how could it help enhance your smartphone experience? It’s time that you should know in order for you to determine whether you need an upgrade or not.

Battery saver.

Android O

With Android Oreo on your phone, you can definitely save up your battery. It features a battery saver where your smartphone is going to have its own background limits so that unnecessary applications do not have to run and consume so much of your battery.

What does Android O typically limits? Broadcasts, background services, and the location updates are just some of the applications that it can end from running when you are not even using it. This is totally convenient for you especially if you have a huge concern on the duration of your device’s battery.


Android O

With picture-in-picture feature of the new Android O, you can have the multitasking function of your phone at its finest! This will also be great when you are a person with extreme fondness of multitasking in order to have your tasks done in a lesser amount of time.

What happens with this feature is that you can use two applications on the same phone and at the same time. This doesn’t need to cause you a bothersome experience because the apps can have each of their places on your phone if you choose this feature. For example, you can actually watch a YouTube video while you are actually reading a PDF version of an awesome novel. Exciting!

Notification channels and dots.

Android O

Are you tired of getting notifications while you can’t actually customize its settings? Well, with the Android O, you definitely have a solution for that! You can now arrange your apps in a channel so that you can collectively change or customize the notifications that you can receive from them. This is going to be totally helpful for you especially when you have a lot of active applications and each one has an important notification.

Another one is the notification dots in which the iPhone users are familiar of. This has been integrated with the iPhone iOS software for the previous years and it is now coming to Android smartphones. If an application has its notifications, you can actually see the number of notifs awaiting for your attention at the top of the application logo. This makes it easier for you to know which apps you have notifications on and how many that need to be attended. It’s a relief for checking each on your apps from time to time just to check if you have got any notifications, right? Impressive.

Autofill APIs.

Android O

Yes, Google knows you have been struggling with the amount of time that you consume just by having to enter the same username and password for your usual applications. Android Oreo has actually a solution to this which comes in handy with the Autofill APIs feature.

With this, you actually do not have to exert too much time and effort in having to enter the same login details as usual. See? It’s your mundane tasks getting taken care of by this new Android Oreo.

Adaptive icons.

Android O

This is another feature of the Android Oreo where icons can become adaptive. Meaning, as the developers have their own shape of icons for applications, you can have the same shape when you download the application to your smartphone.

This is definitely awesome especially for those who have become bored of the typical shape of icons that can be found in their phones before the release of Android Oreo.

Camera enhancements.

Android O

Yes, this is definitely a good news for you out there who are looking for a better camera application. With Android Oreo, you can actually double tap on the screen now in order to have the 50% zoom when using the camera application.

Not only that, you are now being offered with a convenient and functional button that lets you to easily switch from camera to video and vice versa really quickly. In the past, you need to swipe the screen which can actually be a hassle. But with this button, it can be easy and quick.


These are the updates of Android Oreo which can definitely be awful for you not to have. You can get these features by upgrading to the updated operating system and enjoy the rest of your experience with your smartphone.

And, of course, as you do not want any damages to the exteriors of your phone, you might as well have some kind of a phone protection that is definitely trustworthy and durable, not to mention the stylish fashion. You can have these suggestions for better ideas.

Android OAndroid OAndroid OAndroid OAndroid O

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