Apple reveals iPhone 8 Features?

Apple reveals iPhone 8 Features?

Just a month before the release date of iPhone 8 in the market, Apple has blown it out. It turns out that in their latest release of the firmware for the upcoming HomePod smart speaker, some codes that confirm the leaked features of iPhone 8! Read on to find out more.

Apple is supposed to release the HomePod smart speaker later this year but they have released it sooner. With the firmware release comes the codes for the iPhone 8 features! These codes are said to confirm the rumours and expectations for the features and specs of iPhone 8. This is definitely going to bring some kind of a negative atmosphere for the company for the next few days, and even weeks!

Steve Troughton-Snow is an iOS developer who was able to dig through the codes of the software that the Apple Company has released. He was actually totally successful in this endeavour such that the leaked and rumoured features of the iPhone 8 has been confirmed! Here are the features that he was able to get out of that HomePod firmware.

Infra-red Facial Recognition.

Apple reveals iPhone 8 Features?

Smith was able to decode from the firmware that the iPhone 8 is going to have an infra-red facial recognition unlocking technology. This is in the code name of Pearl. Having this kind of feature for iPhone 8 means that the smartphone can work even in low-light conditions. Convenient!

This will be totally advantageous for you especially if you prefer to work in low-light conditions.

Touch ID Fingerprint sensor.

Apple reveals iPhone 8 Features?

It has also been speculated that the Touch ID fingerprint sensor of iPhone 8 is going to be positioned at the back, just like the Samsung Galaxy S8. This to integrate the OLED screen that is supposed to be an edge-to-edge type for the screen of iPhone 8. However, it is not yet ready for a massive scale release.

With the Touch ID fingerprint sensor of iPhone 8, the claim for the smartphone’s edge to edge display seems to be stronger. There is a huge possibility that the said smartphone will come out as a bezel-less display!

Edge-to-Edge Screen.

Apple reveals iPhone 8 Features?

Guilherme Rambo who is a Brazil-based developer has actually discovered an icon for the iPhone 8. Although this has been labelled as a mockup icon, it has a code name of D22 and guesses what, it was found in the released firmware!

The icon shows a bezel-less display on the sides of the screen leaving a small particle of it at the top for the front camera and for the facial recognition features! Not only that, it is also probably for the speaker for phone calls and other possible sensors that have not been named just yet.

3x Retina Display.

Apple reveals iPhone 8 Features?

The said firmware has also suggested a 3 x Retina display for the iPhone 8! This is according to a developer on Reddit with the code name Defying. This has actually been the prediction of the KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo last February.

Well, it turns out that the firmware says it. A 3x Retina display is waiting for you on iPhone 8! This will give you a resolution of 1125 x 2436 and this is going to offer a huge usable area. The bottom of it is expected to be some kind of a function area with contextual dynamic buttons to provide for your convenience in using the phone. This is going to be somehow similar to that of the Touch Bar.

6.5-inch Display.

Apple reveals iPhone 8 Features?

iPhone 8 is also going to have a 6.5-inch screen display! This is going to be amazing since it can be handy and it fits the allocated space in your bag. Although, this is actually in conflict with the leaks that the iPhone 8 is going to have a 5.8-inch display.

Since this was what has been coded from the released firmware, it is expected to have a pixel density of 412 ppi. The latest iPhone 7 PLUS has a 401-pixel density and the two are not much different from each other when it comes to that.


With these updates from the firmware of the HomePod smart speaker and decoded by excellent developers, the speculated price for iPhone 8 is going to be around 1384.46 AUD to 1510.32 AUD. Efficient! Although these iPhone 8 updates were not really intentional and that the company might be facing a great risk right now, these can somehow help you to decide whether you should wait for it or not. The company might also be playing games with your mind with this ‘unintentional’ iPhone 8 features release, and perhaps have a little more update next month as the release date for iPhone 8 is coming near so you should stay tuned!

However, while waiting for it, you can actually take care of the smartphone that you own right now. You can help protect it from the unwanted bumps and scratches and be fashionable at the same time with these stylish phone cases and covers.

Apple reveals iPhone 8 Features?

Apple reveals iPhone 8 Features?Apple reveals iPhone 8 Features?Apple reveals iPhone 8 Features?Apple reveals iPhone 8 Features?

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